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U.S. Government Excess Equipment, Components and Supplies Acquired Under U.S. Government Grants or Contracts

Procedure No.:   19.055

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Date Issued:     02/01/95

Issued By:       T.L. Chesnut

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To establish a proper procedure for acquiring and using equipment, components and supplies which are available through the General Services Administration under eligible U.S. Government grants and contracts.


The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) has been assigned the responsibility of maintaining a proper inventory control system for all Excess property acquired via U.S. Government grants and contracts. This control system must meet the procedures outtined by the various Governmental agencies, therefore it will be necessary for all departments acquiring such property to adhere to the following procedure.


Grant or contract holders eligible to acquire Excess Government property through their grant or contract must process all request documents through the ORSP. Normally the request document will be the U.S. Government Standard Form-122. The ORSP will furnish all eligible persons with a "model" SF-122 indicating what information must be supplied when ordering Excess property.

A requisition to cover the transportation and packing costs involved must be submitted with the requesting document. The Director of the ORSP will sign the requisition on the second line, which is headed "Approved - Department Head."

In order to assure proper inventory control, when Excess property is delivered to the requesting department, the department must notify the Research Institute of its arrival so that the property can be properly tagged and incorporated into the inventory control system before being put to use.

All departments acquiring Excess equipment will be held responsible for performing the necessary maintenance of this equipment and keeping records of such maintenance as required by the Governmental agency involved.

When title to Excess Government property is transferred to Ohio University, the responsibility for maintaining inventory control will pass to the Equipment Inventory Section of the Controller's Office. Such equipment will still be subject to any restriction stipulated by the involved Governmental agency.

Any deviations from this procedure must be approved by the Director of the ORSP.

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