Ohio University Bicentennial Celebration
September 11, 2004 | Cleveland Ohio
Playhouse Square Center
The Venue

Playhouse Square Center (PSC)

Between March 1921 and November 1922, five opulent theaters opened in the stretch of Euclid Avenue between E. 14th and E. 17th Streets. Four of the new theaters – the Allen, Ohio, State, and Palace – were contiguous on the north side of Euclid; across the street, the Hanna was lodged in the Hanna Building. The area was dubbed “Playhouse Square,” but some considered the tag frivolous. A civic organization called the Euclid Square Association convened and resolved to christen the district “Euclid Square.” Alas, its efforts were in vain and the informal name stuck.

The three largest theaters – the Palace, State, and Allen – can accommodate lavish productions of award-winning shows on tour. The intimacy of the Hanna Theatre and its next door neighbor, the 14th Street Theatre, encourages audience interaction in smaller-scale productions.


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The Venue: Playhouse Square Center
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