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Specialized Studies

The Bachelor of Specialized Studies degree is a unique opportunity for students to design personalized degree programs to meet life and career goals. Students with this degree have been very successful in continuing their education in graduate and professional programs. OUZ has a designated BSS advisor to guide students through the application process; all the degree requirements may be met on the OUZ campus.

The BSS degree is open to all students and has special appeal to the following:

  • adult students
  • students who are committed to living in the local area
  • students with transfer credit from technical schools and/or other colleges
  • students who desire a unique, interdisciplinary degree to meet career goals

BSS students have had success in many fields: business, arts and entertainment, science, higher education, law and politics, health, media and public relations, social services, transportation, and communication.


Requirements to enter the program are:

  • current enrollment with at least 45 completed hours of coursework
  • minimal 2.00 grade point average
  • transfer work equated before applying for program
  • consultation with BSS coordinator for assistance in planning program

How to apply:

  • Contact the OU - Z Bachelor of Specialized Studies Office and schedule an appointment to discuss your options.
  • Work with the BSS Coordinator to prepare an application and identify two faculty members to act as consultants for the application process.
  • Submit the completed application to the BSS Review Committee.

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements are:

  • approval of the BSS application by the BSS Review Committee in Athens
  • 2.00 g.p.a. at the time of admission into the program and at graduation
  • completion of a minimum of 192 hours **
  • completion of a 45-hour area of concentration
  • completion of the General Education (Tier) requirements ***
  • completion of a minimum of 80 hours of course work at the 300 level or above
  • completion of at least 45 hours of work after admission to the program

** Students who enrolled in Ohio University before 1977 need only 180 hours for graduation and are not required to fulfill Tier requirements.

***Students who enrolled in Ohio University before 1980 are not required to fulfill the current Tier requirements.


Students enrolled in the BSS degree program must complete a minimum of 45 credit hours of coursework in their area of concentration that is approved by the Bachelor of Specialized Studies Review Committee. At least 80 of a total of 192 credit hours need to be 300 level or above.

For more information contact:

Carol Hoefler or 740-588-1448