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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice program at OUZ is designed to build upon two-year degree programs in a criminal justice field. If you are a technical or community college graduate or a student currently enrolled in a two-year program, this four-year degree broadens your education and exposes you to the interdisciplinary study of criminal justice.

The guiding premise of the program is that the criminal justice system can be improved by providing high-quality, liberal education to men and women who have already earned an associate's degree in a related field. Upon graduation, you will have the opportunity for employment in law enforcement agencies, and juristic and correctional agencies on the local, state, and federal levels, or in the private sector. You may also decide to continue your education at the graduate level.

Since more and more employers in the criminal justice field look for those with bachelor's degrees to fill positions, this program enhances your chances of employment and enhancement.

Our interdisciplinary curriculum allows much flexibility in pursuing your individual educational goals. Through this academic curriculum, you may design a preparation for a career in law enforcement administration, corrections, forensic chemistry, prelaw, juvenile offender programs, probation and parole, prosecution, and criminal justice planning, among others.

Admission Requirements include:

  • you must have completed an associate's degree in a related technical field (law enforcement, corrections, police science, police administration, paralegal, security/safety, human services) to qualify for admission
  • you will need to complete an application form. Go to the Office of Student Services to obtain the form.

The associate's degree must have been completed and conferred prior to admission to the Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree program. You must complete at least one term of the degree residency.

Degree Requirements

General Requirements

Completion of an associate's degree in a related technical field
80 quarter hours of Ohio University coursework beyond that required for the related associate's degree
of the 80 hours of coursework, 45 must be upper division - at 300 level or above
completion of the General Education (Tier) requirements

(Refer to the college catalog for more details)

Core Program Classes

Students must complete three of the following four courses:
POLS 409 Criminal Procedure
SOC 260 Criminal Justice
SOC 362 Criminology
SOC 466 Penology

Major Requirements

Area 1: Basic Skills
Select three courses, one from each A, B, and C

  1. ENG 305J Technical Writing
    ENG 308J Advanced Composition
    PRCM 325J Business Communication
  2. INCO 215 Argumentive Analysis and Advocacy
    INCO 304 Techniques for Interviewing
    POLS 488 Public Dispute Resolution
  3. MATH 250 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
    PSY 120 Elementary Statistic Reasoning
    PSY 221 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Area II: Social Science and Political Systems
Select two courses, once each from A and B

  1. AAS 254 History of Justice in the US
    HIST 315C History of African Americans 1865-1939
    HIST 315D History of African Americans since 1940
    SOC 329 Minority Group Relations
    SOC 470 Sex Roles and Inequality
    SOC 471 Gender and Justice
  2. POLS 301 The Politics of Law
    POLS 306 Politics of Appalachia
    POLS 404 Civil Liberties
    POLS 410 Public Policy Analysis
    POLS 477 Legal Theory and Social Problems
    SW 390 Social Policy
    SOC 309 Sociology of Appalachia
    SOC 364 Police and Safety

Area III: Human Behavior
Select two courses, one each from A and B

  1. PSY 233 Psychology of Personality
    PSY 332 Abnormal Psychology
    PSY 336/SOC 210 Social Psychology
    SW 380 Child Abuse and Neglect
    SOC 211 Collective Behavior
  2. PSY 337 Social Psychology of Justice
    SOC 361 Deviant Behavior
    SOC 363 Juvenile Delinquency

Area IV: Organizational Skills and Management
Select three courses, one each from A and B

  1. ACCT 101 Financial Accounting
    HRM 320 Human Resource Management
    MGT 202 Management
    POLS 210 Principles of Public Administration
    POLS 412 Public Personnel Administration
  2. BUSL 255 Law and Policy
    BUSL 356 Law of the Management Process
    HRM 425 labor Relations
    MGT 340 Organizational Behavior - Micro Perspective
    POLS 414 Organization and Theory and Politics
    PSY 261 Survey of Industrial and Organizational Psychology
    SOC 430 Sociology of Organization

Recommended Electives

AAS 440 The Black Child
CS 120 Computer Literacy
HIST 307
INCO 205, 306, 405, 410, 420, 422
POLS 320, 401, 402
PSY 273
SW 382
SOC 367, 467

After being admitted to the program, you will be assigned an advisor. Advisors help you plan the program consistent with your experience and goals, advise you on course selection, and provide you with information on university policies and procedures. Close and regular contact with your advisor (Dr. Jim Taylor) helps to insure an efficient and timely completion of your degree.

Internships in the field of criminal justice are available through several local and state agencies. If qualified, you can arrange for an internship in consultation with an appropriate member of faculty.

For more information contact:

Dr. Jim Taylor or 740-588-1468