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Bachelor of Science Nursing

Admission to Ohio University Zanesville

  1. Complete the application form (available in hard copy & online) $20.00 fee.
  2. Submit official high school transcript (must be mailed).
  3. Submit official transcripts for all previous college courses (must be mailed).
  4. High school students must submit ACT College Entrance Examination.
  5. Math and English placement is based on ACT scores.  If no ACT was taken, the COMPASS placement exams will be required. To schedule the exam on the Zanesville campus, call the Learning Advancement Center at (740) 588-1510.


Program Requirements (pre-BSN 1st year)


1.    A high school graduate must have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 out of a 4.0 scale.

2.    The applicant must have completed courses in algebra, biology, and chemistry with a grade of “C” or better at the high school level.

3.     Achievement of a composite ACT score of at least 23 or an SAT score of 1060 (old) or 1590 (new) on the math and critical reading sections.


Transfer and Current OU students:

1.     Returning or current OU students need to complete an “Update of Program”.

2.     Submit official high school transcript (must be mailed) or copy of GED scores, if fewer than 45 credits of college work has been completed.

3.     Submit official transcripts for all previous college courses (must be mailed).

4.     The applicant is a transfer or current OU student, they must have an established college grade point (GPA) average of 2.75 or better out of 4.0 scale. If the student has other college work, a combined GPA will be calculated.

5.    The applicant must have completed courses in algebra, biology, and chemistry with a grade of “C” or better at the high school level or college level.


Program Requirements (BSN 2nd Year)

1.     Return postcard indicating  requested review semester

2.     The applicant must submit a “Statement of Education and Career Goals”. The statement should be no more than one page typed or no more than 500 words.

3.     Complete a nursing admission’s exam at the applicant’s expense before the entry to the second year of the program.

4.     All of the first year work must be complete with C or better to be eligible to transfer into the Second Year of the BSN program.

5.     Completion of the 1st year pre-BSN curriculum (see Fall and Spring semester – Year 1).




Admission to the Bachelor Degrees Nursing Program is by a completive and selective process.  Admission to Ohio University and meeting the above selection criteria does not guarantee admission to the nursing program.


Application deadline:  The deadline for admission to be eligible for selection is listed below.

­­­­Fall Semester Admission:        February 1   (Zanesville)


BSN Curriculum    
  Fall Semester –Year 1     Spring Semester –Year 1                     
BIOS 1300,  Anatomy & Physiology I 4   BIOS 1310,  Anatomy & Physiology II 4  
CHEM 1210, Principles of Chemistry I 4   CHEM 1220, Principles of Chemistry II 4  
ENG 1510, Freshman Composition 3   COMS 1010, Fund Human Communication 3  
MATH 1200, College Algebra 4   SOC 1000, Intro to Sociology 3  
PSY 1010, General Psychology 3   NRSE 1110, Clinical Judgment I 3  
Total Credits 18   Total Credits 17  
* Students who do not need college algebra may take NRSE 1110 in fall or spring semester.    
Fall Semester –Year 2      Spring Semester –Year 2    
NRSE 2210, Clinical Judgment II 2   NRSE 2210, Clinical Judgment III 2  
NRSE 2120, Pathophysiology 3   NRSE 2222, Foundation Nursing Practice 4  
NRSE 2230, Health Assessment     3   NRSE 2240, Pharmacology in Nursing 4  
BIOS 2010, Microbiology 3   NRSE 3120, Diversity & Ethics & Gerontology 3  
PSY 1110, Elementary Statistical 3   NUTR 1000, Nutrition 3  
PSY 2410, Child Psychology  OR 3        
EDEC 1600, Intro to Child Development 3        
Total Credits 17   Total Credits 16  
Fall Semester –Year 3     Spring Semester –Year 3              
NRSE 2250, Research & Evidence Based Practice 4   NRSE 3210, Clinical Judgment V 2  
NRSE 3110, Clinical Judgment IV 2   NRSE 3230, Medical Surgical 7  
NRSE 3130, Nursing Care of Adult I 7   NRSE 3140, Mental Health 3  
Gen Ed Tier II (2FA) 3   Gen Ed Tier II (2CP) 3  
      Gen Ed Tier I Junior Composition (1J) 3  
Total Credits 18   Total Credits 15  
Fall Semester –Year 4      Spring Semester –Year 4     
NRSE 4110, Clinical Judgment VI 2   NRSE 4210, Clinical Judgment VII 2  
NRSE 4120, Management 3   NRSE 4400, Capstone Clinical 8  
NRSE 4140, OB, Women, Peds 5   NRSE 4600, Nursing Excellence (Tier III) 3  
NRSE 4150, Family/ Community Health 5        
Total Credits 15   Total Credits 13  


Download program PDF Here.