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Cutler Hall

Chelci Borland

  • Relocated from Ohio University-Chillicothe campus
  • National Student Speech Language Hearing Association member
  • Barrel races with her horse Prince

Communication sciences and disorders major

College of Health Sciences and Professions

Hometown: Chillicothe, Ohio

Why did you start on a regional campus?

The affordability was great. I started out taking as many classes as I could at OU-C. That helped because I knew that I wanted to go into a helping profession, but I didn’t know which one. I’m getting my four-year degree in three years. I took classes at OU-C for my first year. In summer I started taking online classes that they offered here in Athens, so I didn’t have to commute.

What resources helped you transition to college-level work?

Supplemental Instruction sessions for physics — definitely enlist. SI is basically where students who have taken the classes before know the material, and they help you learn the material. I’ve used the Student Writing Center. I already had my paper written and I went in and asked, “Hey, will you look over this for me?” The tutor sat down and looked over at the things that may have needed to be rearranged or may have needed to sound more professional. I’ve also used the Career and Leadership Development Center. I’m applying for grad school right now. They’ve been helping me organize my letter of intent. Of course, you can always go and ask the professor if you have an issue.

How are your professors?

They’re actually really amazing. I love the communication science and disorders professors. You would think on a bigger campus the professors would never remember you, but they do. I’ll pass them on the street and I’ll have a five-minute conversation— that they initiated.

Is undergraduate research accessible?

There are a lot of opportunities to get involved in the research labs, especially in the health sciences professions because there are so many labs. We have the Undergraduate Research Club. If I walked up to my professors and said, “Hey, I want to get involved in research,” they would be more than willing to help me get involved.

How are you paying for your education?

By working. My on-campus jobs as a student assistant and as a telerecruiter have helped. I also take out loans, and I receive some scholarships. I received a local scholarship for Huntington High School students, and I also receive the Pepsi Scholarship.

What’s your advice on finding scholarships?

It’s better to ask about scholarships than to not ask and miss out on something you may have received. Filling out the FAFSA every year is an important thing. I wouldn’t even be on campus without the FAFSA.

Are you happy with your decision to attend OHIO?

I’m very happy with my decision to attend Ohio University. It’s my home away from home. Home, technically, is your community, your family, your friends. Athens is my second home because I have fallen in love with the community and there are a ton of people here that I can’t imagine my life without now. There are a lot of friends here who I consider my family.

“Come and try the campus tour because you’re not going to lose anything, and you only have something to gain. It could be a life-changing decision for you.”

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