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Mason Murrey

  • Initiate advisor, Phi Sigma Pi honors fraternity
  • Campus tour guide
  • Paying for college himself with loans, scholarships, and jobs

Nursing major, psychology minor

College of Health Sciences and Professions

Hometown: Massillon, Ohio

How does a new student get involved at OHIO?

Getting involved is so easy. If you would just go that first weekend to the Student Involvement Fair, every club has a table there. I also stopped into the Campus Involvement Center in Baker University Center. It's nice to get invited to Facebook-organized events once you start meeting people because everyone is meeting new people. I always say that students need to be involved in one group. There are more than 400 on campus and it's easy to find one that you want. It's so easy to start your own group.

Were you in a learning community?

I was in a biology learning community. I love learning communities. Although I was bad at time management, that's where I learned my study skills. That's when I got myself into gear. An LC is a group of incoming students who share the same major who are mentored by a current student. Even undecided students have the chance to participate. It's really nice because you're with the other students in your core courses so not only can you get together to study but you also have a great group of friends on campus from the beginning.

What’s your advice on time management?

Think of the day as a work day. Wake up at 9:00 or 10:00 but don't go back to your dorm till 4:00 or 5:00 or 6:00. Go to class and during breaks go to the library. I kind of make my school day a work day, then I have the nights to do what I want to do or go to work or whatever.

How’s the dining hall food?

When I came here I absolutely loved it – huge salad bar, vegan friendly. As a junior and senior (living off campus) I'm constantly going to people in my honors fraternity and asking for meal card swipes.

What about the facilities themselves?

You do see that 1800 façade, but you go into the buildings and they are really nice—computer labs, printers, a lot of good resources. Concerning nursing facilities, they're great. We have SimMan, which is an interactive mannequin. You can hear his respirations, his heartbeat. He will have cardiac arrest and you have to complete the right steps to bring him back.

You’re a campus tour guide. What’s your advice on the campus visit?

The campus visit is the most important aspect of any application process because I don't think you can get the feeling of living in Athens and going to Ohio University from a picture from a website or even a testimonial from a student. When I was first walking around campus, I got the feeling I was a movie college student.

What’s your proudest accomplishment at OHIO?

I actually pay for everything by myself. I have worked since the beginning of my sophomore year for bills and groceries. For tuition and rent, I took out personal loans and federal loans. I received a few scholarships from my hometown and I also got two Ohio University scholarships.

“This is an academic world. There's someone everywhere studying, there's someone everywhere with a book open, there's always a lecture, there's always something academic.”

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