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To be the highest quality wellness program for our customers and to combine academic and experiential learning for our students.
WellWorks will be a regionally prominent wellness program that offers a continuum of lifestyle services to impact the health behaviors and wellness culture of our community.


To begin your participation in Healthy OHIO, call now to schedule your free health screening 593-2093.
Healthy OHIO Action Pack

Welcome to year four of the Healthy OHIO Health Risk Appraisal. We are excited to provide you with this opportunity which will allow you to learn more about your health, in addition to contributing to the planning and development of an initiative to create a "culture of wellness" at Ohio University.


Healthy OHIO is a partnership between WellWorks (part of the College of Health Sciences and Professions) and University Human Resources.


  • Provide Ohio University employees with information about their current health status
  • Create a "Culture of Wellness" at Ohio University
  • Gather aggregate data that will be used to guide the planning and development of programs, services, and benefits to meet the health needs of Ohio University employees.


All benefit-eligible Ohio University employees and their spouses/partners can participate in the Healthy OHIO initiative and receive financial incentives. Dependents and retirees are not eligible to participate.

The Healthy OHIO initiative is supported by Ohio University leadership. Participation in Healthy OHIO is encouraged, although completely voluntary.

Step 1 - Health Screening

Health screenings may be completed at one of our campus screenings or by your health care provider. The campus screenings are free of charge. These screenings are for general indicators for health--they are not diagnostic tests. The following values will be collected at the health screenings: Frame size, Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, High & Low Density Lipoprotein (HDL & LDL), Blood Glucose (blood sugar), Waist Girth, Hip Girth, Body Fat Percentage, HbA1c (for individuals with diabetes).

Choose your Provider
You have two options for your health screening:

1. Campus Health Screening - Free health screenings will be offered Monday through Thursday from September 26 - November 3, 2011 from 7:00-9:00AM in the Human Resources and Training Center located at 169 W. Union Street. The screening should take no more than 30 minutes. To begin your participation in Healthy OHIO, call WellWorks at 593-2093 to schedule your free health screening.

2. Physician - Take the Health Screening Form to your health care provider for your values. If your health care provider does not have all of the values indicated on the form, you may sign up for a campus health screening to receive the remaining assessment(s). Screening values are only valid if peformed within the 3 months prior to the date when you complete the Personal Wellness Profile.

Health Screening Results
Campus health screening results will be mailed to you at your home address. You must have your screening results in hand to complete the Personal Wellness Profile.

Step 2 - Personal Wellness Profile

After you complete the health screening and receive your results, you can comlete the online Personal Wellness Profile (PWP). The PWP is a survey containing items about medical history and health habits. Topics include: General Health, Physical Activity, Nutrition, Stress & Well-Being, Driving & Safety, Sleep, Tobacco & Alcohol, Mental Health, Lifestyle Changes, and Health Interests. Instructions for completing the online Personal Wellness Profile and your health screening results will be mailed to you. The profile should take less than 30 minutes to complete. Paper profiles are available upon request.

PWP online link:

Personal Wellness Profile Report
After completing the PWP, you will view a PWP Report. Your report will include: Overview of Results, Coronary Risk, Cancer Risk, Nutrition Overview, Fitness Overview, Stress/Coping Overview, Substance Use Overview, Safety Overview, Health Age Overview, Medical Follow-Up, The Next Step.

When you complete your PWP online, you will receive results instantly. You will need to print a copy of your report to bring to your health coaching session. Consider sharing your results with your health care provider and keeping a copy for your records as well.

Step 3 - Individual Health Coaching

Follow-up coaching sessions will be held at WellWorks located in E124 Grover Center. The purpose of the individual coaching is to help you better understand your results and provide you with health information and rescources available to assist you with your next step. Please bring a copy of your Personal Wellness Profile Report with you to your health coaching session.


Each person who successfully completes all three steps in the
Healthy OHIO program will receive a $120 ($10 per month-before taxes for one year) insurance premium reduction. If both the OU employee and spouse/partner complete all three steps, a $240 insurance premium reduction ($20 per month before taxes) will be added to the OU
employee's paycheck. The reduction will begin January 2013.