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To be the highest quality wellness program for our customers and to combine academic and experiential learning for our students.
WellWorks will be a regionally prominent wellness program that offers a continuum of lifestyle services to impact the health behaviors and wellness culture of our community.



Senior discount*
We offer a senior discount to those age 55 or older, on indivudal memberships only.

Family memberships
WellWorks annual family membership includes all members in the immediate family who are claimed as dependents for tax purposes, age 13 or older.

Corporate memberships
REGULAR: Businesses establish a corporate membership to WellWorks which would allow their employees to join at the OU rate.

GOLD: Businesses establish a corporate membership to WellWorks which would allow their employees, as well as the employee's spouses and dependents, to join at the OU rate.

NOTE: Only Corporate GOLD members are eligible for family memberships.

OU employee/retiree/spouse/dependents, youths (13-20),
OU graduate students, and corporate members

OU Employee is defined as a benefits-eligible employee.
Group III--are not benefit eligible but can join at the OU rate; but may not be eligible for some of our programs.

OU dependents include children claimed on the employee's health insurance, up to age 25.

Monthly - $27.00 (*$24.00)

Yearly - $175.00 (*$158.00)

Family - $265.00

Community Members

Athens/local area residents who are not OU employee/retiree/spouse/depdendent or full-time OU students.

Monthly - $42.00 (*$38.00)

Yearly - $275.00 (*$248.00)

Family - $410.00

Visitors - Must fill out visitor waiver

Visitor Fee - $5.00


Health Assessment - $35.00
Includes cholesterol and diabetes screen, body composition analysis, blood pressure, interpretation and coaching.

Cholesterol and diabetes screen only - $20.00

Body composition anaylsis/Bod Pod only - $20.00

Massage Services

30 minutes - $36.00

60 minutes - $46.00

Nutrition Counseling

15 minutes - $10.00

30 minutes - $15.00

60 minutes/Initial session- $30.00

Food For Life - $30.00

Personal Training

(Available to WellWorks members only.)

Initial session - $20.00

60 minutes - $20.00

4 - 1 hour sessions - $75.00

8 - 1 hour sessions - $145.00

Group Rate: 2 individuals/1 hour $25.00

NOTE: Multiple session packages must be purchased at one time.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for membership, massage, nutrition and personal training. They are good for ONE YEAR from the date of purchase-NO exentsions.

Ways to Pay

Credit Cards: Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

Cash: Exact cash is preferable. We cannot give more than $15 back in change, so no $50 or $100 bills please!

Checks: Made payable to WellWorks.