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To be the highest quality wellness program for our customers and to combine academic and experiential learning for our students.
WellWorks will be a regionally prominent wellness program that offers a continuum of lifestyle services to impact the health behaviors and wellness culture of our community.

employment & student opportunities

WellWorks' mission includes providing students an opportunity to combine academics with experiential learning. Several positions are available at WellWorks:

WellWorks' Staff Training/Orientation which takes place the Thursday and Friday before Fall Semester classes start.

(2014: AUG 21 & 22)

Applications forms can be brought to WellWorks in person, faxed to 740-593-0170, or emailed to

Fitness Center Supervisors (FCS)

Working in our Fitness Center provides you with a unique opportunity to teach people to use fitness equipment safely and effectively, to work with at-risk (for cardiovascular disease) clients, and to help all of our members with fitness programs that help them meet their personal fitness goals. Additionally, our FCS staff work the front desk to check in members, answer their questions, and provide clerical assistance. Reports to FItness Center GA and Fitness Center Coordinator. Encouraged to work over winter break and summer.

Fitness Center Student Manager (SM)

*Requires minimum or one semester as Fitness Center Supervisor.
Click HERE for job description.

Our FCS/SM major in Exercise Physiology, Physical Therapy, Dietetics, and other health-related majors. FCS are paid minimum wage. If you are interested in being a FCS, contact the Fitness Center Coordinator at
740-597-2148, or bring your application to WellWorks.

NOTE: We hire in January/February; those who are hired will train February - April.

* See FORMS for an application.

Fitness Center Maintenance

Daily preventative maintenance including, but not limited to, cleaning all fitness equipment thoroughly, greasing weight machines as needed, checking treadmill running belts and decks, checking elliptical wheels and decks, repairing broken equipment as needed, ordering parts when needed. Reports to Fitness Center Coordinator. Preferably enrolled in an engineering-related major. Must be able to work 4-6 hours per week. Encouraged to work over winter break and summer. If you are interested in maintenance, contact the Fitness Center Coordinator at 740-597-2148, or bring your application to WellWorks.

* See FORMS for an application.

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers will assess personal goals and needs, develop a comprehensive fitness plan, and instruct participants during private and/or group sessions.

Our Personal Training Program is coordinated by our Fitness Center Coordinator. If you are interested in becoming a trainer, or if you have more specific questions about our personal training program, please contact our Fitness Center Coordiantor at 597-2148, or bring your application to WellWorks.

* See FORMS for an application.

Risk Reduction Exercise Supervisors (RRES)

RRES will review the exercise and health testing results, medical history, and goals of Risk Reduction participants before facilitating the intial exercise prescription during a one-on-one exercise session. RRES will monintor client technique and response to exercise, modifying and progressing as necessary. The Risk Reduction program is a structured program designed to assist individuals with or at risk of lifestyle diseases enhance their quality of life.

RRES report to the Clincal Exercise Physiology Coordinator. If you are interestedin becoming a RRES, or if you have more specific questions about the Risk Reduction Program, please contact the coordaintor at
593-1097, or bring your application to WellWorks.
Click HERE for RRES job position description.

* See FORMS for an application.


PACE (Program to Aid Career Exploration) is an on-campus work program sponsored by Ohio University's Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships and Career Services. PACE positions offer students the unique opportunity to explore their career interests and to gain valuable work experience and skills before leaving college and entering the workforce.

  • Nutrition Program Assistant: Assists with semester nutrition programs.
  • Clinical Exercise Physiology Program Assistant: Assists with fitness assessments, health prescriptions, orientations to equipment, and intake process of new WellWorks members.
    Participates in health screenings and other duties associated with the Heathy OHIO program.
  • Group Exercise Assistant: Assists with rosters and semester stats of the group exercisie program.
  • Education/Special Events: Assists with marketing.

Group Exercise Instructors

WellWorks offers a variety of classes. We are always looking for skilled instructors to lead classes. We require that all instructors either have a nationally-recognized certification, have successfully completed the Ohio University's "FIT" course, or have other relevant experience with plans to become certified. Instructors also complete a "try-out" before being selected to teach. If you are interested in a position as a Group Exercise Instructor, please contact Maghan Lunsford at 740-597-2148 or

* See FORMS for an application.

Volunteer Opportunities

Whether you need to gain hands-on experience in fitness, nutrition or health education for your major, or you would just like to explore a possible future major or career, both of these can be done by volunteering at WellWorks. We accept a limited number of volunteers each quarter, and most of the volunteer positions are somewhat competitive. It is important that you contact us very early in the quarter, or the end of the quarter prior. Credit and non-credit options are available. Some areas we offer include Educational Programs, Health Screenings, Nutrition Programs, Health Assessment, Fitness Center, Special Event Planning, and Public Relations/Marketing.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, contact us at