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CommonSpot-Supported Browsers

We are currently running CommonSpot version 8.

The following browsers are supported for authoring content in CommonSpot.


  • Internet Explorer 8 and 9 and 10.
  • Internet Explorer Version 11 will not work at all in standard mode; it will be fully supported by a future version of CommonSpot. In the meantime, many functions will work if you press F12, type Control-8 if needed to get the Emulation choices (it remembers the prior session's choice), and change the default Document Mode from "Edge" to "10" (it will not remember the prior session's choice - - detailed explanation provided if you click on the blue circle with the white "i" adjacent to the selection tool). We suggest that you avoid IE 11 for the time being, if possible. If not (e.g., in Windows 8.1), then the Compatibility Mode work-around may suffice.
  • Firefox 17.0.11 ESR provides links to a collection of installers for that version, but Mozilla has stopped patching Firefox 17, so it is no longer safe for general browsing; it is safe for authoring on CommonSpot:
    Choose the link for your computer ("mac" or "win32" most likely).
    Choose the language version ("en-US" most likely)
    Click on the installer file (.dmg for Macintosh; .exe for Windows), or right-click on it and choose "save link as."
    The auto-update feature will jump you to Firefox 24, so don't use that feature without reading the next item.
  • Firefox 24 ESR will "mostly" work; it will be fully supported by a future version of CommonSpot.  When you follow the link here, the default display lists Firefox 31 ESR, but there is a link at the top-right to list 24 ESR. The only known problems at this time are the Cut, Copy, and Paste functions in the toolbar of the Rich Text Editor; keyboard shortcuts for Cut, Copy, and Paste should work. If you have V 17 ESR, select About Firefox, click on Check for Update, and then click on Update Firefox to get to V 24 ESR, or follow the link at the start of this paragraph to download the installer directly.
  • Chrome 14 (limited Copy,Cut, Paste functionality)
  • Safari 5 (limited Copy,Cut, Paste functionality)


NOTE: Firefox 3.6, 10, and 17 ESR are NO LONGER SUPPORTED. We recommend that you upgrade to Firefox 24 ESR. Firefox 3.6, 10, and 17 ESR are no longer supported or updated by Mozilla, and have security issues that will never be patched. It is time to stop using them for any general browsing.


CommonSpot requires certain configurations to be set for your browser: