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We rock.

Director of Web Services

Jay Beam

Director of Web Services 


350 West Union Street Office Center 

Jay is an Aggie. 'Nuf said. Wait, he also hates that this page is orange.


Web Team Lead

Toni Heightland

Web Team Lead 


383 West Union Street Office Center 

Toni is a gownie-to-townie, having completed both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Computer Science at Ohio University and never left Athens the whole six to eight years.

Well, not really. We're sure she went home a few times in between.

When not hosting impromptu 'team-building' dance parties, she coordinates and manages the projects that come through web services. She has a knack for gradient design and word smithing which is seen in our daily office Haikus.

The tress turning green
The grass and flowers grow back
My allergies suck


Web Developers

Matthew Suhay

The Man Tiger: Scavenger of Food 


381 West Union Street Office Center 

Matthew is one of our newest team members, who we stole from Kent State. While at Kent, he completed a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and went on to be one of their Web Developers and also where he began his career in magic.

Matt is the team chef. At least the one of us that has any real professional training. If you were to actual ask any of us, we really have yet to sample any of his so called masterpieces in the kitchen.

In his spare time, he is not far from the internet as he provides support to family and friends' personal and business websites. He is also a co-creator of the Office Olympics we host every Friday. After 5pm, of course.

Brad Mash

The Deletor 


379-Cube West Union Street Office Center 

In February of 2013, Brad was upgraded from Intern/Student Worker to Full Time/Real Boy. He likes to spend his past time noodling about on his guitar and complaining that people take too long getting ready for lunch. His guitar skills can sometimes be heard performed and Open Mic Night at the Baker Front Room or, sometimes even, Donkey Coffee.

Brad obtained his Bachelor's degree in Specialized Studies concentrating in Communications and Computer Science which he plans on using to communicate computer science to others. Or computer science-ize communications for training.


Technical Lead

Dave Hannum

Mr. ColdFusion 


179 West Union Street Office Center 

Dave is smart. and we like him. And he has amazing powers. He takes care of the CommonSpot servers, and has written a number of custom applications to run within CommonSpot.

His mini fridge is always stocked with Diet Mountain Dew and the most random music can be heard from his speakers. Not a dull day goes by when he is at work. Especially when you are called into his office for crashing one of his servers.

Sorry again about that.

One of his most recent "Big Apps" is the Flash Media Server. Think YouTube but with less viral videos.


Web Administrator

Richard Piccard



380A West Union Street Office Center 

Dick has a PhD in Physics.

He has been around CommonSpot at OU since it's first installation, and is full of fun facts -- about CommonSpot and other things. Like, do you know how to build a Temporal Wormhole Manipulator?

Well, neither does he, but he does know a lot of another neat things!

While not grading his student's finals, he ensures that the static web servers are happy and that our attitudes are well adjusted by supplying us with weekly satirical comic strips.


Portal Administrator

Mark Mace

Master Obfuscator 


377 West Union Street Office Center 

Mark is a real townie, although he's never actually lived in Athens, he grew up in the county. So, I guess that makes him a count... ie? He also has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and a Master's Degree in Education.

Mark is a professional helicopter pilot, as long as he doesn't run out of AA batteries and Brad doesn't crash the office helicopter into a wall. Which he did. So Mark isn't a pilot anymore.

In October of 2012, Mark left our team to take up a position administering the campus Portal system, but we like to keep him around for the laughs.


Student Workers

Ana Morales

The Giggle Box




Ana loves to laugh. There isn't a day that goes by where laughter can be heard emanating from the student worker's area. It has grown into some what of an office activity to see how much we really can get her to bust out with the giggles.

Even when she's in class.

She began working for us in April 2012 and has learned a great many things since she started. Currently she is being mentored by our staff in the art of web design, but spends most of her days assisting our clients and customers with whatever troubles may ail them.

Her free time (not devoted to the sleeplessness that comes with pursuing Computer Science degree) is spent out on the waters of Strouds Run rowing with her crew and representing Ohio University and our Varsity Rowing Team.