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Ohio University Mail Services transitioned from Facilities to Auxiliaries on April 1, 2014. Find out more>>>

Steve Golding, Vice President of Finance and Administration, conducted four division All-Staff sessions to thank everyone for their contributions to OHIO's recent success in the recruitment and retention of record numbers of students. He also provided updates on the University's advances over the past decade, discussed the division's changing roles and outlined various FY2014 division priorities. View (9/26) session notes here>>

The Purchasing-Printing Procurement policy establishes guidelines for the procurement of printing services to provide consistency in the design of printed pieces, to promote the best value and to ensure compliance with the laws of the state of Ohio regarding printing procurement. Find out more>>

Print Responsibly initiative launched as a sustainable, cost effective method for printing. Find out more>>

Find out how Culinary Services can help make your meetings and lunch breaks more efficient. Find out more>>


The Finance and Administration area exists to provide services that support the academic mission of OHIO University. Broadly, these services include: finance, budget, facilities, human resources, auxiliaries and safety. We pursue a continuous improvement approach to deliver efficient and high quality service to our customers. We strive to engender a sense of collaboration and community and to provide an appealing environment that creates a special place in which to learn, live and work.


Our actions are characterized by these values: Print Responsibly
  • Competence & Professionalism - Responsibly providing valued service, representation, and expertise
  • Ethical Behavior - Leading by example through honesty, respectfulness, and understanding of the impact to the community
  • Positive, Safe Environment - Promoting the highest regard for protecting personal well-being, inclusiveness, and diversity
  • Effectiveness in Communication - Participating in constructive dialogue and open exchange among all constituents
  • Integrity - Striving for consistency between our values and actions


The Ohio University Finance and Administration Division will employ best practices to be a strategic partner, service provider, and resource steward to the university community in support of the university's vision and mission.


The Ohio University Finance and Administration Division will advance the mission of Ohio University by delivering to the university community guidance, expertise, and services that are valued, effective, efficient, and that demonstrate  highly responsible stewardship of the university's resources.