Enactus Ohio University was formed in the fall of 2013 as a chapter of the larger Enactus­ organization that combines student and business forces to exploit the power of entrepreneurship to improve the­standard of living for the needy. Enactus OU is focusing on both local and international projects using a combination of high-tech and grass roots approaches to achieve their goals of making both social and commercial impact on the local community and abroad.

"Doing well by doing good." -- Benjamin Franklin


Enactus OU accepts members of any discipline, skill level, and interest level. Enactus OU currently has undergraduate and graduate membership from the College of Business, Scripps College of Communication, Russ College of Engineering, Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, and the College of Health Sciences and Professions. Ohio University students looking for scholarship opportunities, experience working with non-profit organizations, resume building, networking, and the chance to compete internationally should consider joining Enactus OU.

Heather has Bachelor's in Entrepreneurship and Management & Strategic leadership  candidate (May 2014). Heather is the founding president of Enactus OU (Sept 2013-present); Co-Vice President of George V. Voinovich School Future Leaders in Public Affairs (Sept 2103-present); and Feasibility Chairperson of Ohio University Entrepreneurs (Sept 2012-present)

Why Enactus: After having pursued my own entrepreneurial ventures, I quickly realized that all of my start-up ideas were centered around social entrepreneurship; attempting to better mankind at the individual and global levels. In a world of overabundance and advanced technological capabilities there is no excuse for the amount of suffering which is still pervasive in this world. Each of us is here to experience the "human existence" of connectivity, exploration, and love. Why shouldn't we do everything in our power during our lifetime to help our fellow travelers have the best experience they can? I was involved with Enactus back when it was called "SIFE: Students in Free Enterprise" which was ages ago. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to do real world good in areas they are personally interested in. Whether you want to make a specific change for an individual or a broad change for the world, our Enactus team at OU can help you get started.

Current Interests: Consulting entrepreneurs & small businesses; Project management; International development; World travel; Extreme outdoor sports

Seema has an­ M.B.A. from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India. She has worked in the IT & ITES industry and academics; currently she is a first year MPA student at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs.

Why Enactus?: Enactus membership gives me the opportunity to translate my Management and Public Administration theories and concepts into practice. To me, this exposure would introduce me to the opportunities and constraints of the Public as well as the Non-profit sector; one of the main focuses of my current program of study.

Current Interests: Currently, I am working on two projects related to food security and sustainability in and around Athens county. As a project team member we are exploring food dehydration as one of the solutions to fighting lasting hunger and reducing wastage of farm produce.

Andrew­ originally came to Ohio University for the incredible music education program, two intro courses in psychology made him irrevocably hooked on the field. Since declaring a psychology major in the spring of his sophomore year, he has had fantastic opportunities to work side-by-side with professors in Social Psychology and the Industrial-Organizational departments, including research assistance in both the Existential Processes and organizational psychology/human resource labs. Outside the classroom, he has worked closely with Student Senate, the Amanda J. Cunningham Leadership Center, and several non-profits outside Ohio University to make the Ohio University experience an even better one.

Why Enactus?: I was drawn to Enactus because the organization thrives on creativity, drive, and cooperation. Our meetings are energetic and positive; the sort of place where you can openly share your concerns about a project or your ideas for a new one. As an organizational psychologist and young professional, I truly value that unconditional honesty and acceptance as fertile ground for the cultivation of great ideas and great leaders.

Current Interests: Two projects I'm incredibly excited about really speak to our teams diversity and creativity. The first is an OU-centered consulting project which will seek to address any gender-based inequity in the college of business - both in student and faculty experiences. The second is a partnership we have recently developed with two non-profits - the student-lead End Slavery Movement, and the international Free the Girls project - to launch an Ohio University-sponsored center for survivors of sex trafficking in Nairobi, Kenya.

Chad is a Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. In 2012,­he was one of Forbes Magazine's “Best Young Inventor’s in America”, and started­his own business Affine Technologies specializing in virtual world based technologies for visualizing UAV data.

Why Enactus?: Enactus at OU seemed like a good opportunity to get in touch with other entrepreneurial minded students outside of the engineering college that might have other ideas about how to use the technologies I’m interested in.

Current Interests:­projects related to data visualization, unmanned vehicles, and crypto-currencies

Mitchell says Ohio University has him to pursue a career in business through the Entrepreneurship and International Business Majors. He has had the opportunity to take on several internships over the years in multiple disciplines. Mitchell was able to operate as a marketing consulting for Raising Cane's Ohio, an International consultant in both Vietnam and Hungary, and most recently working with Enactus.

Why Enactus?: Enactus will allow our team to organize and promote projects that can help the Athens community. By creating and executing sustainable projects to improve our community Enactus has allowed me to give back and help those less fortunate while still in college.

Philistar is currently enrolled in the College of Health Services and Professions seeking a B.S degree. After graduation Philistar is going to pursue a Masters in Social entrepreneurship specifically focusing on youth empowerment and fostering of creativity in developing countries.

Why Enactus?: Enactus will help me make this goal and so many more that I have to a success with the great experiences I am and will be receiving through our projects that we will be carrying out this year.

Current Interests:I am aspiring to start my own business working with artists all over Africa to sell their products and showcase their talents to the global market.

Jonathan is currently enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences seeking a B.S degree in Pre-Physical Therapy and a minor in Psychology. After graduation, Jonathan plans on pursuing a doctorate degree in Physical Therapy.

Why Enactus?: Enactus will help to expand my education as well as provide a chance to give back to the local community. It has allowed me to grow as a person and develop new skills and opportunities.

Current Interest: I am currently involved in research for the Psychology Department at Ohio University, which has allowed me further my education."


Let's Can Hunger/Harvest for Good

Enactus OU successfully solicited funds from the Campbell Soup Company and General Mills to work with the Athens Community Food Initiative to raise money to help address local hunger. In the future we plan to enhance these two projects using novel food dehydration techniques and unmanned aerial vehicle based food distribution to enhance the sustainability and reach of our efforts.

Free the Girls Partnership

Free the Girls is an international non-profit organization dedicated to aiding survivors of sex trafficking by providing them with gently used bras to sell in their local markets. We’re accepting donations to provide their new location in Kenya with materials for the local businesses.