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Focus on BA in International Studies
By Laura Schaeffer, BAIS Coordinator and Director of Outreach

Julie Temesy-Armos, alumna, on the beach during her internship with NGO in Ghana.
reetings from Yamada International House at the top of Jefferson Hill, location of the Center for International Studies and home of the BA program in International Studies (BAIS).

BAIS is an interdisciplinary program administered by the Center for International Studies for The College of Arts and Sciences. Students who have a strong interest in language acquisition, study abroad, and learning about other cultures should be encouraged to enter the BAIS pre-major. Pre-major requirements include completing a 3 course sequence with at least a B- average and language study through 113 with at least a B average. Students will then enter one of 4 majors: African Studies, Asian Studies, European Studies, or Latin American Studies. Most BAIS majors minor in other disciplines and some double-major. A BAIS certificate is also offered for students who wish to add an international dimension to their major.

The interdisciplinary nature of the BAIS program is its main strength, allowing students a wide variety of course choices and the ability to explore different fields. BAIS students acquire a broad background in international and transnational political, economic, cultural/social, commercial, and environmental affairs while focusing on a specific world region. The goal is to provide students with the tools necessary to understand global processes from an international, as well as national, perspective.

BAIS students are often among OU’s nationally competitive award finalists and/or winners. BAIS graduates often pursue graduate degrees, join the Peace Corps, and work or teach abroad.

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