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Web Access to DARS Reports
Submitted by Bob DeLong, Office of the University Registrar

Degree Audit Reports (DARS) have been available to Ohio University students and advisors since January 1993 as printed reports. Computer Services and Office of the University Registrar staff have collaborated to extend distribution of DARS reports to the Web. The DARS Web application was launched on October 17, 2005.

URL: The DARS application can be accessed from the Office of the University Registrar’s Website www.ohio.edu/registrar/. Follow the links listed on the left side of the Web page under online services. Students should select the MyDARS link; advisors should select the Advisee Lists and DARS Reports link.

Authentication: Access to the DARS application requires a valid Oak ID and password. Student Oak IDs are active for at least two quarters from the last quarter of enrollment.

Access: The online advisee list application provides the advisor with a list of assigned advisees who are enrolled for the selected quarter. The application has been enhanced to provide access to DARS reports. A new column, labeled DARS, has been added to each available list. The advisor may access the student’s DARS report by clicking the VIEW link in the DARS column.

Availability: The online version of the DARS report is available to students enrolled FALL QUARTER 2005-2006 or later. An updated DARS report will be generated when any of the following events occur.

• First time of registration

• Name change

• Program change (major, certificate, minor)

• Advisor change

• Academic exception (waivers, substitutions)

• Grade change

• Application for graduation

• End-of-quarter grade posting

• Probationary change

• Conferral or denial of degree

The student or advisor may submit a request for an updated DARS report by clicking the "Request New Audit(s)" button that appears below the list of available reports. An updated DARS report is usually available within a few minutes from the time the request is submitted.

RAC (Registration Access Code): The RAC code will be listed on the printed version of the DARS report produced for priority registration. It will appear in the online version when accessed by the advisor but will be masked out when accessed by the student.

User Support: Questions regarding authentication problems or system error messages should be directed to frontline@ohio.edu or 597-8000. Other questions or comments should be directed to DARS@ohio.edu or 593-4180.

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