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Richard K. Brackin Scholarship

The Richard K. Brackin Scholarship has helped the 2004-05 recipient move toward his dream of running his own business.

Rene Byron, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Specialized Studies (B.S.S.) degree in Business Legal Studies and Technology Administration, used the $750 scholarship to finance two classes through Life Long Learning.

"This award may be considered a small amount for some people. However, for me, the significance of the award makes me feel like I have received a million dollars," Byron wrote in a letter thanking Kraig Curry, director of B.S.S. and an advisor in University College.

In his letter of rationale, Byron, who graduated from high school at age sixteen and served in the military for several years, wrote that earning his B.S.S. degree will provide him with important legal knowledge and managerial skills.

"Although there are no sure things in life, such as getting a job, I will have one more option, because the B.S.S. will empower me with the knowledge necessary to start and run a successful business…" Byron wrote.

The annual scholarship, established in 1998 in honor of former director of B.S.S. and non-traditional student programs Dr. Richard Keith Brackin, is available to non-traditional students who are striving for their B.S.S. degrees. Applicants must have a minimum 2.80 grade point average and take at least eight credit hours each quarter. Recipients are chosen based on academic achievement and faculty and advisor recommendations.

"Rene is an outstanding student, likely the best student I have advised. He is most deserving of the scholarship," wrote Donald Sebera, Byron’s advisor, in his recommendation.

"He turned in excellent lessons, wrote notes, asked additional questions, and did everything in a timely manner," wrote Arthur Marinelli, one of Byron’s professors, in his recommendation.

He will benefit from the knowledge and confidence derived from earning his B.S.S. degree and thanks Ohio University for believing in him, Byron wrote.

To donate to the scholarship fund, send a check payable to the Ohio University Foundation, Richard K. Brackin Scholarship, Ohio University Foundation, P.O. Box 869, Athens, OH 45701-0869. For questions, call the Ohio University Development Office at (740) 593-2635.

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