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The AAC Computer Learning Lab now offers video help

The Computer Learning Lab has always specialized in offering free technical support. We are now offering technical support via QuickTime videos (requires the latest version of the QuickTime player) called Ask the Techies.

Each week we put up new videos explaining the latest in cool technology from iPods to Photoshop. We specialize in multimedia and although we use Macs mostly, we do deal with Windows PC issues as well.

Is there something that’s baffling you about computers, software, or the internet? Something you just don’t understand? Something you’ve always wanted to do with your personal computer but just don’t know how? We answer viewer questions.

To check it out or to ask us your question, go to:


So far, we only have 5 videos up, but expect to keep adding to this collection each week, so keep checking back. You can also subscribe to our videos via the iTunes Music Store where it is listed as a video Podcast. Just click on the Podcast link from the iTunes music store and search using the keyword: techies , or click on the link below:


However, note that some videos that are uniquely O.U. in nature, are not uploaded to iTunes (e.g., our video on accessing Oak Storage via WebDAV).

Please share this information with everyone whom you think would benefit from this resource.

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