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The Southern Campus has been grappling with how to get students to move from their undecided status into a major field of study.  After trying letters, telephone calls, and even requiring appointments of our undecided students who had more than 70 hours and meeting only mediocre success, we decided to replicate the Athens Majors Fair on the Southern Campus fall quarter.


Initially, the Student Center partnered with our two-year technical degree directors.  It is very important to them to have students identified in their programs to better advise and plan for internship placements.  Our four-year directors were eager to be represented.  E-mails were sent to all students, posters appeared on bulletin boards, and the event was highlighted when DARS were distributed.  


Each program director was asked to decorate and staff a table complete with degree requirements and career options. Student services and career services also staffed tables.  Students voted on the “flashiest” table (most eye catching presentation) among the 14 program directors represented, door prizes were announced every half hour, and popcorn and cookies were enjoyed by all participants. Over 200 students participated between the hours of 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM.  A side benefit was that registration for winter classes jumped by 70 students the following day.


Everyone was so pleased with the results that a second Majors Fair was planned in late February.  When we discovered that our list of undecided majors had dropped by over 90 students, three more academic units participated.  In addition, program directors and professional advisors used this time to advise and register students.  Computers were available for registration at the Majors Fair.  Students, faculty, and advisors all agree that the Majors Fair is a great event and will be replicated in early October.

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