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Curricular Updates

  • UCC approved the deletion of the Therapeutic Recreation and Campus Recreation majors after spring 2006. Current students must have already officially declared the major.
  • COMT 201 (New Course - Tier 2A) This courses provides an informed look at the operation of the internet. The internet includes both the application software used in everyday life - the world-wide web, email, and telephony - andthe underlying network that carries Internet data. Go to www.csm.ohiou.edu/campbell/comt201/ for more information.
  • Beginning fall 2006, the School of Art is phasing out its Art Education BFA program (Major Code BF5122). Current students must have already officially declared the major by March 1, 2006.

  • The Art Education program in the College of Education will be suspended for at least one year. This suspension will allow the College to carefully analyze possible budgetary and curricular redesigns which might allow it to offer the Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) in Art Education throughthe College of Education in the distant future. At this point in time, we do not encourage any student to enroll at Ohio University with the intent of pursuing a degree in Art Education.

  • Beginning fall 2006, undecided students in University College who enroll at Ohio Universityas first-year students must declare a major by the time they earn 75 hours.  External transfer students beginning fall 2006 may complete two quarters of full-time enrollment before they must declare a major, regardless of their total hours earned. At 75 hours (or the third quarter of enrollment for transfer students), a hold will be placed on undecided students’ registration until they declare amajor. Previously, University College required undecided students to declare a major by 90 hours.  The reason for the policy change is to ensure that students enter majors earlier, there by increasing their likelihood of graduating in four years.  To assist undecided students at Ohio University with the process of choosing a major, University College offers workshops each quarter as well as information on major selection that students may pick up at 140 Chubb Hall.


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