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The Advisor Spring 2006

First-Year Enhancement (FYE)




For the past six months, a Task Force consisting of 75 faculty, administrators, and students from across campus has met to study the current first year experience of Ohio University students, compare that experience to proven best practices, and to present recommendations to the Provost that will enhance that experience.  The Task Force is a partner in a nationwide initiative to improve the experience of first year college students.  This initiative is organized by the Policy Center on the First Year of College (www.fyfoundations.org). Dr. Betsy Barefoot, Co-Director of the Policy Center and Ohio University’s consultant in this work, came to campus in mid-March to meet with Task Force members, President McDavis, Provost Krendl, and key university officers.  She announced that our Task Force is making excellent progress and is well ahead of other partner universities.


The Task Force is doing most of its work in sub-committees with each sub-committee assigned one Dimension of the First Year.  There are nine Foundational Dimensions that together constitute an aspirational model for the First Year.  The Dimensions are:  Philosophy, Organization, Learning, Faculty, Transitions, All Students, Diversity, Roles and Purposes, and Improvements.  The sub-committees will complete their work by the end of spring quarter and the Executive Committee will then prepare a final report for review and comment by the campus community over the summer and during fall quarter. Formal implementation of recommended action steps for institutional change and improvement will begin as soon as the final report is approved.  The FYE project is consistent with the Undergraduate Priorities outlined in Vision Ohio and the intent is to integrate the Task Force’s proposed action steps with the implementation of Vision Ohio.

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