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With the start of Fall Term 2012, Ohio University will transition to semesters. Please read the following for important information regarding these changes.

Transition Advising

Quarters-to-Semesters transition advising for University College students will be scheduled based on the number of credit hours earned, beginning with degree program students in the Fall Quarter.
All students who will not complete an Ohio University degree prior to the Fall 2012 transition to semesters, must complete a Transition Degree Completion Plan (TDCP) with their advisors.

AA, AIS, AS, BCJ or BSS Degree Program Students

  • If you are a degree program student who will complete your AA, AIS, AS, BCJ or BSS degree prior to Fall 2012, you are not affected by the transition and need not have an advising appointment for the purpose of completing a TDCP.  However, you are required to sign a cover sheet indicating your plans to graduate on a quarter calendar. Stay on track to complete your degree requirements and consult with your advisor.

  • If you are a degree program student who is close to completion of your degree and want to determine if you could be eligible to graduate prior to Fall 2012, see your advisor for a preliminary graduation check early in Fall Quarter 2011.

  • Degree program students (AA, AIS, AS, BCJ, BSS), who will complete their degrees after Summer 2012 should complete a TDCP with their advisor before or during the winter 2012 registration period.

  • Degree Curricula (BCJ, AA & AS) coming soon!

  • Athens & Regional Campus students should contact their assigned advisor or student services office.

  • eLearning students should contact their assigned advisor.

Undecided Students

Undecided students who are ready to declare a major and change college should plan on completing a TDCP in the new college/school/department. Visit the website of your intended college for specific instructions on Q2S advising and TDCP completion. You may not meet with an advisor in another college or department for the purpose of completing a TDCP until you have officially transferred into the new major.

If you are an undecided student, you will complete a Transition Advising Plan (TAP), rather than a TDCP. First and second year undecided students will meet with their advisors and complete the Transition Advising Plan during winter or spring quarter 2012, based on the number of credit hours earned. Keep in mind that you must declare a major by the time you have earned 60 credit hours (75 credit hours, if you entered prior to Fall 2010.)

Checklist in Student Center

All students will have a “checklist item” in their MyOHIO Student Center, indicating that a TDCP is needed. When the Q2S advising appointment has been completed with your academic advisor and the TDCP signed, approved, and scanned into your record, you will be notified via the deletion of the TDCP message in your Student Center.

Visit the University’s Q2S website at other Q2S information, including:

  • Quarter to Semester Course Look up App (Transition Tables)
    A searchable app is available on the Q2S Web -- enter the quarter course number and find the equivalent semester course information. This app also shows tentative by-term offering info through Spring 2015 for most courses and offers an optional search to show all course with a specific course prefix. Find it > > Q2S > Q2S Resources

  • Quarter Hours to Semester Hours Calculator
    Enter the quarter hours to find the semester hour equivalent. Find it > > Q2S > Q2S Resources

Advisor Resources

Q2S Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about Q2S transition, contact your University College advisor or Laura Chapman,, or 740.593.1935,
Coordinator for Quarters-to-Semesters Transition Advising. 


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