First Generation Faculty & Staff Pictures

Faculty & Staff Narratives


/Users/tamarr/Desktop/first generation/c_anderson               /Users/tamarr/Desktop/first generation/augenstein                /Users/tamarr/Desktop/first generation/m_bila            

Carissa Anderson                 Karen Augenstein                   Michael Bila
Director, Articulation Services         Institutional Research Analyst           Assist. Dean of Student Services
University Outreach – Athens          Institutional Research                     School of Business


/Users/tamarr/Desktop/first generation/s_bolin               /Users/tamarr/Desktop/first generation/deardorff               /Users/tamarr/Desktop/first generation/descutner     

Shawna Bolin                        Karen Deardorff                      David Descutner
Estimator/Project Manager              Interim Associate Director                Dean & Associate Provost for 
Facilities Planning & Space Mgt.       Cutler Scholars Program                   Undergraduate Education
                                                                                                 University College

/Users/tamarr/Desktop/first generation/b_harrison               /Users/tamarr/Desktop/first generation/susan_issac               /Users/tamarr/Desktop/first generation/kalenkoski    

Barbara Harrison               Susan Issac                      Charlene Kalenkoski
Associate Director                         Health Research Associate              Economics Professor
Residence Life                             Voinovich School                          Department of Economics

/Users/tamarr/Desktop/first generation/lacomb                /Users/tamarr/Desktop/first generation/d_orr               /Users/tamarr/Desktop/first generation/patacca

Ann LaComb                     Debra Orr                         Mary Patacca
Preprofessional Advising Coord.        Health Sciences Ref. Librarian         Director, Portfolio Management Office
Department ofBiological Sciences     Alden Library                               Office of Info. Technology


/Users/tamarr/Desktop/first generation/connie_patt             /Users/tamarr/Desktop/first generation/julie_suhr              /Users/tamarr/Desktop/first generation/westendorf

Connie Patterson               Julie Suhr                          Sue Simon Westendorf
Director, Assessment & Academic     Psychology Professor                      Biological Sciences Professor
Improvement                              Department of Psychology               Department of Biological Sciences
College of Education
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