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B.S.S. Requirements

As a student in the Bachelor of Specialized Studies program, you may complete one or more academic minors, as long as the courses taken to meet the minor requirements are not included in the Bachelor of Specialized Studies area of concentration. You need to indicate your intention to complete a minor at the time you submit your Bachelor of Specialized Studies application. Courses required to earn a certificate may be included in the area of concentration.

Up to 32 hours earned through the Experiential Learning Program may be applied to the Bachelor of Specialized Studies degree program. A maximum of 44 hours from the College of Business may be included in a Bachelor of Specialized Studies degree program.

Bachelor of Specialized Studies students may earn departmental honors through University College. Students must have an accumulated GPA of 3.6 or above to be eligible to earn departmental honors. An honors thesis is required. Guidelines and application are available through consultation with the Director of Degree Programs.

To submit an application to the specialized studies program for consideration, you must:
  1. Be currently registered as a degree-seeking student;
  2. Have achieved sophomore or higher rank; and
  3. Have earned an accumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.

To graduate with a Bachelor of Specialized Studies degree, you must:

  1. Earn 120 hours, of which at least 39 must be courses with catalog numbers at the 3000-level or above, as shown in this catalog. This does not include graduate level courses.
  2. Complete no fewer than 30 hours (the degree residency requirement) after being admitted to the specialized studies program. This total excludes any transfer credit, transient credit, Course Credit by Examination, Independent Study coursework, etc., for which the initial registration occurred prior to application to the specialized studies program.
  3. Complete a minimum of 30 hours in the self-designed area of concentration approved by the Bachelor of Specialized Studies review committee. The area of concentration can include courses that are completed, current, and planned at the time of application. The courses included as current and planned in the concentration become requirements for graduation subject to change only by prior permission from a University College advisor and, in some cases, the Bachelor of Specialized Studies review committee. At least 50 percent of the coursework taken for the B.S.S. area of concentration must be completed at Ohio University.
  4. Complete the University General Education requirements.
  5. Complete the minimum of 32 hours of Ohio University coursework to satisfy the University residency requirement.
  6. Earn at least a 2.0 GPA in the area of concentration and overall.

To have current credit hours included as part of the 30 hour B.S.S. residency requirement, applications must be submitted by the tenth week of the semester.

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