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Bachelor of Specialized Studies (B.S.S.)
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From B.S.S. Students...

“I could create the major that was perfect for me and the career I wanted to pursue. The cross-disciplinary nature of the Bachelor of Specialized Studies is the most alluring part of it because most real-world problems are cross-disciplinary.”

—Alex Slaymaker, B.S.S. environmental planning and policy major, geography minor, environmental studies certificate

Student Senate commissioner, Sustainability Committee; Voinovich Scholar with the Appalachia Ohio Zero Waste Initiative    

“It’s a flexible program and is well-suited for studying abroad. I am preparing to study at the University of Roehampton (England) and was able to select classes that help me further define my area of concentration.

—Ellyn Loss, B.S.S. music management and media relations major

Vice president of social media for student-run Brick City Records, member of student-run AthensVideoWorks Productions, OHIO Fellow, intern at Sony Music Entertainment in New York    

“My advisor asks what I want, which is what a good advisor does. I feel like he understands me pretty well as a student and as a person, too—he understands that I’m an individual.”

—Brady Edge, B.S.S. natural sciences and nutrition major, psychology minor

Studied abroad in Costa Rica, Peer-Led Team Learning peer mentor for chemistry courses

Degree Title Examples

  1. Acting and Dance Performance
  2. Administration Analysis
  3. Anthropology and Cultural Studies
  4. Athletic Marketing and Communication
  5. Business and Printmaking
  6. Business and Recreational Services
  7. Communication and Deaf Studies
  8. Counterterrorism and Global Security
  9. Criminology and Diversity
  10. Cultural and Religious Studies
  11. Dramatic and Literary Analysis
  12. Electrical Engineering and Management
  13. English and Playwriting
  14. Entertainment Productions
  15. Entrepreneurship and Business Management
  16. Environmental Planning and Policy 
  17. Event Planning
  18. Film and Media Arts
  19. Global Economics and Finance
  20. Global and Social Justice
  21. Health Communication and Marketing
  22. History and English Literature
  23. History and Political Discourse
  24. Hospitality Management
  25. Information Security Management
  26. Information Systems and Economics
  27. Interdisciplinary Arts and Human Relations
  28. International Arts Management
  29. International Communication and Culture
  30. Marketing and Communication Studies
  31. Marketing and Nutrition
  32. Mental Health Services
  33. Multimedia Writing
  34. Music Management and Media Relations
  35. Music, Psychology, and Health Services
  36. Natural Sciences and Nutrition 
  37. News Reporting and Politics
  38. Organizational Administration
  39. Photojournalism and Graphic Design
  40. Physiology and Recreation Management
  41. Political and Cultural Studies
  42. Production Design for Theatre and Film
  43. Retail Marketing
  44. Retail Merchandising and International Business
  45. Social Psychology and Criminal Justice
  46. Strategic Communication and Business Management
  47. Travel and Leisure Planning
  48. Urban Planning and Environmental Sciences
  49. Wildlife Policy Management
  50. Women's Health Communication
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