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General Requirements for Associate's Degrees

Information about A.A., A.S., and A.I.S. degree programs is available through either the regional campuses or University College. If you plan to pursue an associate's degree, consult with a member of the University College staff or a student services staff member at one of the regional campuses.

Adding an Associate's Degree

If you plan to earn an associate's degree, you must complete an Application for Update of Program(s) form, available from any college office or regional campus student services office. If you plan to earn a baccalaureate degree after earning the associate's degree, you must complete an Application for Update of Program(s) form to add the associate's degree program as a secondary code. Your records will remain in University College if that is your current college; if not, your records will remain in the college responsible for your baccalaureate program.

Graduation Requirements

All the following minimum criteria must be met to graduate with any associate's degree.
  1. Complete at least 96 credits with a minimum 2.0 accumulative g.p.a.
  2. Apply no more than 24 credits earned through the Experiential Learning Program to the degree.
  3. Earn at least 30 quarter hours of residence credit at Ohio University.
  4. Students who complete fewer than 60 quarter hours of Ohio University credit must earn at least 8 of the final 15 hours as residence credit.

Policy on Second Associate's Degrees

You cannot earn the same associate's degree twice. Furthermore, you are not permitted to earn both the A.A. and A.S. degrees. In addition, if you have already earned the A.I.S. degree, you are not permitted to earn either the A.A. or A.S. degree.

Application Toward Bachelor's Degree

Credit earned while enrolled in an Ohio University associate's degree program will be applied toward an Ohio University baccalaureate program; however, this shift may involve more than two additional years to complete the four-year requirements because prerequisite courses may not have been completed, and technical courses apply only as elective courses in most four-year degree programs.

If you expect to eventually complete a baccalaureate degree, where possible you should complete Ohio University General Education Requirements while working toward your associate's degree.

Associate's Degree After A Baccalaureate Degree

It is permissible for you to pursue an Associate in Individualized Studies degree after earning a baccalaureate degree depending on the rationale for doing so and the desired area of concentration. The Associate in Arts or the Associate in Science degree is not an appropriate degree objective for you if you have already earned a baccalaureate degree.
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