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Associate in Individualized Studies (A.I.S.) 

If you wish to pursue a two-year program of study in a field other than those available through one of the other associate's degree options, you may design your own program of study to meet particular goals through the Associate in Individualized Studies degree program, available on the Athens, Chillicothe, Lancaster, and Zanesville campuses.

To be admitted to the program, you must complete an application, available in the University College office, at one of the regional campuses, or online, and schedule an interview with a University College or regional campus advisor.

Final admission to the program is granted only upon review of the application by the A.I.S. Review Committee.

Note: If you have previously earned an associate's degree, you are not permitted to earn the A.I.S. degree.

Although there are no specific course or academic area requirements (other than Tier I freshman English and quantitative skills), the application must outline your intended course of study, and it must include a proposed Area of Concentration.

You must indicate two faculty members who have been consulted in the preparation of your program, one of whom must be from your Area of Concentration.

To submit an application for admission to the program, you must currently be enrolled as a degree-seeking student.

To graduate with an Associate in Individualized Studies degree, you must:

  • Earn 96 quarter hours.
  • Earn no fewer than 30 quarter hours after admission to the A.I.S. program. This is the degree residency requirement.
  • Complete the university General Education Tier I freshman-level requirements in English composition and quantitative skills.
  • Completean approved area of concentration, consisting of at least 30 credithours, which has coherence and educational purpose equivalent to an established major.
Applications may be submitted at anytime during the quarter. To have current credit hours included as part of the residency requirement, applications must be submitted by the last day of classes fall, winter, or spring quarter and the last day of the full summer session.

A maximum of 24 credits earned through the Experiential Learning Program may be applied to the A.I.S. degree.

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