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Application Requirements

Your application must be typed or word processed and include in this order each of the following:


a. Program Title or Concentration list.
b. Faculty Signatures: TWO FACULTY MEMBERS (Group 1 or 2) MUST BE CONSULTED DURING THE PREPARATION OF YOUR APPLICATION, including at least one person who teaches in your area of concentration. The signatures of these faculty resource persons verify that you have reviewed your proposed goals and program with appropriate and knowledgeable people. Attached on page 13 are guidelines for faculty resource advisors and who may serve as a faculty advisor. Provide these to faculty members who may have questions about the AIS degree and application.
c. Sign the proposal.
d. Obtain your advisor’s signature.

2. STATEMENT OF RATIONALE. See the enclosed guidelines.
3. CURRICULUM SHEETS. On your curriculum sheets, specify the courses you have taken and/or plan to take by department, catalog number, title, grade earned, and credits. Include sets of planning sheets for: (a) the Area of Concentration Plan, and (b) the Electives Plan.

a. The Area of Concentration (AOC): These courses form the core of your program and must support the goals outlined in your Statement of Rationale. Your AOC (completed, current, and planned together) must have a minimum of 30 quarter hours and no more than 60 quarter hours and include courses from two or more departments.

b. Your planned AOC must contain at least twelve (12) credit hours. Develop your AOC carefully because these courses become your requirements for graduation if your application is accepted and must be successfully completed. If any course substitutions become necessary, a course substitution form must be submitted to and approved by the AIS program director before a course is taken. Retroactive changes are not permitted in the Area of Concentration.

c. The Electives: Although the list of electives is not binding, this is an indication of other courses you expect to take in your AIS program.

d. Count your completed, current, and planned hours for your AOC and record those totals at the bottom of the sheet. Count the hours in your current and planned electives. Your total number of hours should be at least 96 hours (90 if you entered OU prior to 1977).

DARS REPORT. Attach a copy of a DARS report that shows your program as if you are an AIS student. Ask your advisor to provide this for you.

A Final Note on Preparing Your AIS Application

Your application should be neat and professionally presented. It needs to state your case clearly and convincingly. The AIS Review Committee will evaluate your proposal based on the clarity of your goals; the coherence between your Statement of Rationale and Area of Concentration; your adherence to conventional grammar, spelling, and writing styles, and the appropriateness of your title.

You will need to word process your final proposal. The application may be downloaded from the University College web page http://www.ohio.edu/univcollege/degree/aisapp_mat.cfm. It is available in Word and Excel format.

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