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Graduation Requirements for AIS

You must meet the following requirements to graduate with an Associate in Individualized Studies degree:

1. Earn 96 quarter hours of college level credit with a minimum 2.0 grade point average. Students who earned Ohio University credit before fall 1977 are required to earn 90 credit hours;

2. Earn at least 30 quarter hours after admission to the Individualized Studies program (degree residency). This includes the hours enrolled in during the quarter you apply. This total excludes any coursework (OU or transfer) for which the initial registration was prior to application to the AIS program, including PR and incomplete grades;

3. Complete a minimum of 30 hours of Ohio University work;

4. Complete your approved Area of Concentration, consisting of a minimum of 30 quarter hours and a maximum of 60, which has coherence and educational purpose equivalent to an established associate degree.

a. ANY change in your Area of Concentration courses requires the submission of a Course Substitution Form in advance of course enrollment. Course Substitution Forms are available either in the University College office or the student services office on each regional campus. The director of the AIS program in University College must approve the change.

b. Substantive changes from the original Area of Concentration plan require the approval of the Associate in Individualized Studies Review Committee.

5. At least one quarter prior to the quarter of expected graduation, request a graduation check from either your advisor or the AIS director.

Please Note

1. Area of Concentration courses, Tier I composition, and quantitative skills cannot be taken pass/fail. Courses taken pass/fail are counted only toward the 96 quarter hour requirement.

2. Due to accreditation standards, you are allowed to complete no more than 44 quarter hours of courses from the College of Business curriculum. Courses transferred from another university do not count toward this 44 hours. This includes courses in ACCT, BA, BUSL, FIN, HRM, MIS, MGT, MKT, OPN, and QBA.

3. A maximum of 24 credits earned through the Experiential Learning Program may be applied to the Associate in Individualized Studies degree.

4. Students who have previously earned any associate degree are not permitted to earn the Associate in Individualized Studies degree.

5. Your proposal must contain a title which does not duplicate any existing associate degree, e.g. accounting technology, child development. Titles should be concise, yet descriptive, and no more than three or four words. It should not be a job title. Words that connate a credential or licensure, such as counseling, therapy, education, should not be in the title. Or if you prefer, you may list the departments in your Area of Concentration, for example, "a concentration in interpersonal communication, journalism, and sociology."

6. All course prerequisites must be honored. AIS students will need to obtain instructor permission to add courses that are listed as "majors only."

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