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University College Courses

University College courses address a variety of topics:

UC 106: Academic Computing Skills
UC 110: Learning Strategies
UC 112: College Reading Skills
UC 112B: Reading: Improving Speed and Vocabulary
UC 115: The University Experience
UC 116: The University Experience - Regional Campuses
Spst 425: Senior Seminar
Spst 490: Internship
Spst 499: Honors Thesis

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UC 106: Academic Computing Skills (1 credit)

Prereq: fr. Designed for students with limited exposure to computers. Introduces functions and programs commonly used at Ohio University. Primary emphases are e-mail, word processing, and Internet research. May also include keyboarding, graphics, and database/spreadsheet management.

For more information visit the UC 106 page or contact D. Lee Beard via e-mail at: beardd@ohiou.edu or at 101 Alden Library.

UC 110: Learning Strategies (3 credits)

Prereq: fr. Offers opportunity to assess present learning strategies and attitudes and adopt techniques that increase effectiveness in managing time, taking notes, remembering text material, preparing for exams, and gathering information. Emphasizes regular practice and use of strategies taught. Visit the UC 110 page for more information.

UC 112: College Reading Skills (2 credits)

Prereq: fr. and ACT-reading Score below 21. Focuses on improving comprehension, interpretation, and evaluation of reading materials that are typical of college courses. Moves from short passages to longer selections. Includes speed reading techniques and vocabulary building. Emphasizes practice and application of skills. Visit the UC 112 page for more information.

UC 112B: Reading: Improving Speed and Vocabulary (1 credit)

Increases reading speed and the ability to appropriately adjust rate to different types of reading materials and tasks. In addition, teaches effective techniques for developing a college-level vocabulary.

UC 115: The University Experience (2 credits)

Prereq: first-quarter student, undecided about choice of major. Designed to assist first year students successfully transition to the academic community of Ohio University. Students learn proven strategies for creating greater academic and career success and receive an orientation to campus academic support resources. Students also explore the process of choosing a major and a career while assessing their own interests, values, and abilities. Out of class assignments emphasize involvement in student life and campus activities. Course is normally limited to twenty or fewer students to allow for more discussion and class participation. UC 115 often serves as the core course of a learning community.

UC 116: The University Experience - Regional Campuses (3 credits)

Prereq: first-quarter regional campus student. Helps the nonresidential regional campus student adapt to the demands of the university as an academic environment, assessing interests, values and abilities; exploring academic majors and their requirements; establishing educational and career goals; and developing skills necessary for college success. 

Spst 425: Senior Seminar (2 credits)

Prereq: sr, specialized studies major. Seminar for specialized studies seniors, examining opportunities, challenges, and issues of the twenty-first century workforce. Includes engaging in self-assessment, reflection, and analysis of degree program, and developing a portfolio that documents learning and accomplishments.

For more information, contact Lora Clapp via e-mail at munsell@ohiou.edu or at 140 Chubb Hall.

Spst 490: Internship Program

This course is available to all BSS students who develop work or volunteer experience related to their BSS curriculum and who desire to earn up to 10 credit hours for their experience. An internship proposal and 2.5 accumulative GPA is required. Applications are available on the Web (http://www.ohio.edu/univcollege/degree/internship.cfm) and in University College, 140 Chubb Hall. 

Spst 499: Honors Thesis (1-5)

This course is available to all BSS students. Students work on a research or creative project for their thesis; The course is intended for students who plan to graduate with BSS departmental honors.

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