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Advisor Evaluation
(Note: a "professional advisor" is a full-time staff person whose primary role is advising students, not teaching)
Please indicate how strongly you agree with the following statements regarding your advisor's performance.

Is informed regarding prerequisites, electives, courses for majors, and other requirements:
Is helpful suggesting courses for registration:
Is informed regarding procedures for registration, adding/dropping courses, deadlines, and academic regulations:
Is informed about support services such as Career Services and the Academic Advancement Center:
Suggests experiences like student organizations, internships, and research opportunities for career preparation:
Communicates concern for my academic progress and encourages academic excellence:
Provides adequate time for our appointments:
Provides information on how to choose a major and encourages me to make these decisions myself:
Challenges me to do my best and set goals for myself:
I enjoy talking with my advisor:
I was prepared for advising appointments:
Overall rating of my advisor:
I recommend my advisor to other students:
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