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Let’s get your program the attention it deserves.

Our Creative Team is a “creative think tank.” We generate ideas and implement a variety of strategic multimedia projects that elevate Ohio University’s standing in the state, across the nation, and around the world.

We work with clients across the University to develop creative projects and marketing strategies that advance Ohio University and its programs. These initiatives encompass printed publications such as brochures, posters, and booklets as well as videos and websites. The Creative Services Team also maintains the University’s official branding standards.

Marketing Strategy

We never think of projects as separate, disjointed entities. Whether we’re producing a video, creating a website map, designing an advertisement layout, or selecting a photo, we start with a plan that is in tune with the communications and marketing strategy of Ohio University. The end result is a project or family of projects that promote a specific initiative, event, or unit within our institution as well as the overall OHIO brand, underscoring the quality of programs and opportunities available at our University.


Designers play a key role in developing the appearance of a project. They select and shape creative content, transforming it into vibrant products that engage the interest of their target audiences. These efforts encompass a broad dynamic range—from projects for clients needing a more traditional look to those desiring a bit more panache and pizzazz. From posters and postcards promoting academic programs to annual magazines for academic colleges—or even helping to develop the look of University websites—UCM’s design services encompass a variety of projects, produced in accordance with OHIO’s brand standards


At UCM, we don’t think of photography as simply taking pictures. We believe great photography is an art form with a deeper aim of conveying meaning or creating a connection. We strive to give the viewer a sense of being here, of being in some way connected to the people, places, and things in each image. Our photography services include professional head shots of faculty, staff, and students as well as coverage of significant University events. UCM also administers the OHIO Photo Archive, a database that serves as a repository of campus images used in projects to promote Ohio University and its programs. 

Video Production

Lights, camera, action! UCM’s video production efforts include everything from “Word on the Street” segments, featuring student feedback on various topics of interest, to projects highlighting the University’s academic programs. The UCM video team has also produced commercials promoting Ohio University for broadcast on television stations in Ohio and across the nation. These projects elevate the institution, strengthening the ties of those familiar with it and introducing many others to Ohio University. The work of UCM’s video team is featured on many University websites as well as OHIO’s YouTube channel

Web Services

We share a unique relationship with the Ohio University community when it comes to communicating on the Web. UCM has partnered with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) to create a synergistic approach to website design and development. This collaboration aims to develop University websites with greater consistency, enhancing the user experience in accordance with OHIO brand standards. The resulting websites serve as powerful communication platforms that advance programs across the University. 


Quick turnaround! Saved the day. Thanks!

—C. C., Russ College


How do I request permission to use the Ohio University logo?

Thanks for asking! Ohio University's logo is a trademark of the institution. Please click here to visit our Branding OHIO website for more information and a link to a form for requesting usage of the University logo.

Will you videotape a meeting?

Our strategic and creative focus is on developing video projects that promote the University and its programs. Because of this focus, we are unable to offer videotaping services for most events and archival purposes. Please click here to e-mail our Director of Video and Photography Services, who may be able to suggest an alternate service provider for your project if we are unable to meet your needs.