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Office of Information Technology Blackboard 9 Pilot

In preparation for a university-wide roll out of Blackboard 9, OIT is seeking faculty to help pilot the new version during Winter quarter. 

Total participation in the pilot is limited to 1000 faculty and student seats.  To provide an accurate assessment of the new version's capabilities, the pilot will include a representative sampling of campuses, departments, class sizes, teaching methodologies and platforms. 
Participation will require the following commitments during Fall 2009 and Winter 2010:

  • Project orientation meeting during November
  • Training and preparation during December, including optional one-on-one sessions
  • Use of Blackboard 9 for selected courses during Winter quarter
  • Regular meetings with Academic Technologies staff to provide detailed feedback about specific features
  • A willingness to experiment with new tools and features
If you are interested in participating, please fill out the information below:


Only Winter 2010 courses are eligible.



Maximum number of students able to register in the course


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