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Tour and Presentation Request Form


Ohio University's Office of Sustainability offers classroom presentations, tours of the OHIO Ecohouse, and tours of the Compost Facility at no cost. We also have a Sustainability Walking Map so you can facilitate your own tour of the sustainable features of campus should you be unable or uninterested in scheduling a tour or presentation. 


Sustainability Walking Map:

A free Sustainability Walking Map is available online for anyone interested in exploring the various sustainable features of campus and the local community.  This map is constantly being updated, so please feel welcomed to email us with suggested additions (  

Ecohouse Tour:


Many classes and organizations choose to tour the Ecohouse (8133 Dairy Lane) each year. Tours feature the exterior features of the house such as the solar electric, solar thermal, and community garden. They also discuss, through photos of the interior of the house, sustainable living habits. For the safety of our residents, we only offer interior tours to select groups upon request. Otherwise, the interior of the house may be viewed during occasional Open House events sponsored by the residents.

Compost Facility Tour:

Compost Facility

Tours hosted at the Compost Facility (located on Dairy Lane, 0.2 miles southwest of the Dairy Barn) discuss the composting process at Ohio University, examines alternative energy options at the site, and examines waste reduction efforts that we can all adopt into our lives. 

Classroom Presentation:

During our classroom presentations, students will learn about sustainability at Ohio University. Students will explore the issue of energy and natural resource conservation and how these issues can be applied to their own lives and disciplines. The presentation will conclude with a Call to Sustain pledge in which the class will be asked to make a commitment to lessen their impact. Presentations generally last 30 minutes, but can be tailored to a class’ unique needs.

Call to Sustain:

Call to Sustain

The Call to Sustain campaign is a peer-education effort aimed at informing students, faculty, staff, and community members about sustainability and encouraging them make a pledge to lessen their impact on the Earth. Call to Sustain can be requested as a component of a classroom presentation or our office staff can attend other events, meetings, etc. with our giant globes and pledge sign. For more information about this campaign, go to the Call to Sustain page.



Before scheduling a tour, please review the following:

  • Tours and presentations must be requested at least two weeks in advance
  • Tours and presentations require a minimum of 6 people.
  • Tours and presentations are available Mondays – Fridays from 9 am – 4 pm during the academic year. Out of respect for our Ecohouse residents and tour guides, tours are not scheduled during finals week. 
  • Please note that, in order to keep tours and presentations free of charge, all of our guides are volunteers/interns of the Office of Sustainability.These individuals are not experts and, therefore, may not be able to answer all questions on-site. Any questions not answered during the tour will be answered via email upon request.
  • Please allow 30-45 minutes for each tour or presentation.
  • Office of Sustainability is not responsible for your group's transportation to/from the tour site. Once your tour is scheduled, your guide will meet you on-site at the time scheduled. Please plan your travel accordingly.


Request a Tour or Presentation:

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