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Committee Members


MEMBERS FOR FY 2014-2015

  • Ana Rosado Feger, Faculty Advisor
  • Elaine Goetz, Sustainability Specialist, Office of Sustainability


  • Nabanita Talukdar, President (Graduate student)
  • Graham Drew, Treasurer (Undergraduate student)
  • Cheyenne Fenstemaker, Secretary (Undergraduate student)
  • David Harley, Fixed Income Sub-committee chairperson (Undergraduate student)
  • Katherine Lasco, Equity Investment Sub-committee chairperson (Undergraduate student)
Other Members:
  • Megan Greenfield (undergraduate student)



All SIAC members:
  • Participate in all group meetings.
  • Review ESG investment guidelines and ESG index on a quarterly basis.
  • Review results and returns of investments made.
  • Attend trainings and conferences.
  • Elect new members annually by voting.
  • Work on proxy voting guidelines.


  • Coach officers in principles of good organizational and administrative skills
  • Educate members on sustainable investing trends, issues and practices.
  • Facilitate officer transition and orientation of new officers.


  • To organize SIAC all-members meetings.
  • To organize all-group meetings.
  • To coordinate between all three groups.
  • To gather recommendations from members regarding amendments and to announce amendments in meetings.
  • To work with the advisors to identify a suitable replacement if a position of an officer becomes vacant.
  • To arrange training programs, conferences, guest speakers/presenters.
  • To review, with advisors, ESG reports prepared by both fixed income and equity investment sub-committee groups.
  • To gather resource materials, news or information on ESG investing and discuss at meetings.


  • To prepare and maintain budget for SIAC.
  • To keep an account of money being utilized by SIAC.


  • To update meeting minutes on the SIAC webpage.
  • To update the SIAC webpage on a regular basis.
  • To prepare the SIAC Annual Report.
Fixed Income Sub-committee chairperson
  • To act as a liaison between the SIAC-fixed income team and FIMG.
  • To assign members to prepare ESG reports for selected fixed income investments.
  • To edit, review and approve ESG reports prepared by members of SIAC for selected fixed income investments.


Equity Investment Sub-committee chairperson
  • To act as a liaison between the SIAC-equity team and SEMG.
  • To assign members to prepare ESG reports for selected equity investments.
  • To edit, review, and approve ESGreports prepared by members of SIAC for selected equity investments.


Bylaws Pertaining to Committee Membership

The faculty advisor will be a member of the Ohio University faculty, selected in consultation between the advisors of SEMG, FIMG and the Sustainability Specialist. A formal recommendation will be approved by the VP of Finance and Administration who will communicate any change in advisor to the OU Foundation.

SIAC Officers will be elected annually by the members voting, with a term of office from December 1 to November 30. Officer selections will then be sent to the faculty advisor for final approval.

Members can send an email to Office of Sustainability showing their interest to join the organization. An email notification alerting the student of their acceptance in the organization from the Office of Sustainability will occur with 3 business days of the original request. The Office of Sustainability’s email address is

The primary responsibility of a member is to perform duties as requested by the Faculty Advisor or Committee President.