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Annie Laurie Cadmus
Director of Sustainability


Annie Laurie serves as the Director of Sustainability at Ohio University. Previously, Annie Laurie served as the Sustainability Specialist at Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove, IL where she worked closely with the Illinois Green Economy Network. Her interest in the role sustainability plays in the student leadership development process was refined during her previous work experiences at both Alliance for Climate Education in Chicago, IL and Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT. She holds a BA in Communication Studies and a MS in College Student Personnel Administration with curriculum emphasis in Sustainability.­­Like any good Athenian, Annie Laurie has a passion for food and outdoor recreation, both of which have been greatly shaped by the extraordinary­OU­students and community members with whom she has the fortune of working.


2013-2014 Graduate Staff:­

Megan Graver
Reporting Coordinator, Graduate Assistant

Megan is a second year graduate student in the School of­ Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences working towards a Doctorate in­ Physical Therapy.­ She grew up in Toledo,­ Ohio and received her undergraduate degree from the University of Dayton.­ Through her work at the Office of­ Sustainability as well as in her future career as a physical therapist, Megan­ aspires to promote personal sustainability through education and opportunities­ to improve wellness and develop healthy lifestyles.­ She is also working to further her knowledge­ and appreciation of local and global sustainability efforts.­ She enjoys running and hiking and hopes to­ motivate students to enjoy and develop an appreciation for the natural­ resources that surround Athens.­ Megan has been­integral in the development of OHIO's sustainability reporting process during her time as a graduate assistant in the office.

Markie Miller
Community Garden Manager and Educator, Graduate Assistant

Markie Miller is a­second year graduate student at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, and is currently working towards her masters in Environmental Studies with a certificate in Conservation Biology. She received her undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and German at the University of Toledo in Ohio. Markie has a great interest in native prairie plants, restoration and conservation efforts/projects, and the growing issue of food security. With her work, she aspires to create a sense of place through simple, everyday acts that can help maintain the sustainability of local economies. In her free time, Markie enjoys exploring the different hiking trails in Athens, gardening, or staying home with a good book.­

Brad Grant
Education Coordinator, Graduate Assistant


Bradford is a first year Recreation and Sport Pedagogy graduate student through the Patton College of Education. His professional educational development started locally with two degrees through Hocking College of Ohio and then spread westward where he obtained a bachelor of Conservation Social Science at University of Idaho. Coming full circle, Bradford has returned to Ohio with the intent to foster changes through sustainability related efforts. As the Education and Administration Coordinator at the Office of Sustainability, Bradford will be busy teaching, developing, marketing, and generally proliferating the education programs of this office. To further achieve these goals, you can expect to find Bradford leading tours and presentations, promoting outreach and marketing efforts, working on and furthering reporting, and coordinating with our many office interns.­­ When Bradford isn’t working at the office or furthering his graduate research he enjoys finding time for live music, cycling, playing disc golf, skiing, and general tomfoolery. Don’t ever hesitate to contact him as he is always interested in collaborating with others to develop his work experience, further his research, or to find others with similarly recreational interests. Lastly, Bradford was quoted saying “Enjoying your work, school, and play is a key aspect to living a fulfilling life but, I believe to truly live fully one must devote ones self to also making a difference within their work, school, and play. Sustainability in our society offers us all that opportunity.”

Nabanita Talukdar
Sustainable­Investment­and Research Coordinator, Graduate Assistant


Nabanita is a graduate student in the School of Arts and Sciences pursuing a Masters in Financial Economics. From India, Nabanita has completed her undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in Biotechnology from Bangalore University, India.­ Nabanita worked in a number of crucial roles, for several years, at a multinational banking organization before coming to Ohio University to pursue a Master's degree. With a sound scientific training and a valuable exposure and experience in the financial sector, Nabanita is well-equipped to lead in her role as a Sustainable Investment Graduate Assistant with the Office of Sustainability. In India, Nabanita trained and lobbied for environmental and social issues so she is very excited and passionate about her work with the Office of Sustainability.­ Nabanita strongly believes that sustainable investing is a necessity and sustainable practices must begin and be practiced at home and in everyday life.­ Nabanita has an active interest in Indian cuisines and yoga practices. An ardent propagator of healthy and happy living, she thrives on Indian and international music and dancing.


Tess Phinney
Outreach Coordinator, Graduate Assistant

Tess is in her first year of pursuing a Masters of Science in Environmental Studies. Tess is a Columbus native, but spent the past four years
in South Carolina completing an undergraduate degree at Clemson University. In May of 2013, Tess graduated from Clemson with a degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Management. Last year, Tess's work as a Resident Assistant in a sustainably-focused residential community prepared her for the work she does today for the Office of Sustainability as the Education and Outreach coordinator. Tess enjoys traveling, nature photography, and riding her bike.

2013-2014 Undergraduate Student Staff:

Katie Lasco
Lead­Undergrad­Staff­and­­Implementation Manager

Katie is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Business Management and an Environmental Studies Certificate within the Honors Tutorial College. This is Katie's third year serving as a student leader in the Office of Sustainability.­­She­offers­management­and­implementation­support­as­she­works­toward­administering the Sustainable Ohio University Leaders (SOUL) group in accordance with the Climate Action Plan. In the past, Katie has served as the Professional Development Coordinator, Primary Liaison for the Transportation Sub-Committee of the OU Presidential Advisory Council for Sustainability Planning, and sophomore class representative for the College of Business Select Leaders Development Program. Her academic research is focused on the causal relationship between corporate sustainability performance and financial performance, and she aspires to have a career that integrates the fields of business and sustainability. Apart from work and classes, Katie enjoys practicing yoga, reading historical fiction, rock climbing with friends, playing intramural soccer, and studying classical piano.

Liz Emley
Professional Development Coordinator

At the Office of Sustainability, Liz is responsible for serving as a support to her peers in their professional development efforts. She is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business and is also earning an Environmental Studies Certificate. Because of her empathetic nature for people and their problems, her current career interests are Counseling Psychology as well as Family and Marriage Counseling. Outside of school and work, she is the president of the student organization Eco Reps, which focuses on teaching students about sustainability in fun, creative ways. Her interests include the environment, reading, cats, and adventures.


SOUL Administrative­ Interns

Spring 2014 SOUL Administrative Interns assist with the administrative tasks associated with the Sustainable Ohio University Leaders (SOUL) program.


John Benson

John is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Health Services Administration and a minor in Business. ­This is John’s second year working at the Office of Sustainability as an Administrative Assistant for the Sustainable Ohio University Leaders (SOUL) program. ­Apart from school and work, John enjoys going to PING Center, reading books, and spending time with family.


Hallie Zarbakhsh

Hallie is a sophomore studying Environmental Studies within the Ohio University Honors Tutorial College. As the Meeting Facilitation and Grants Lead for the SOUL Administrative team, her duties include attending all SOUL meetings and posting minutes, helping to facilitate meetings, and managing grant applications for the Office of Sustainability. Her sustainability interests include environmental justice, helping others to achieve a sustainable lifestyle, and conservation education. She aspires to become an environmental lawyer for a non-profit environmental protection firm and eventually a member of the United Nations Environment Program. At Ohio University, she is secretary of the Achievement, Leadership, and Service Scholars (ALSS), a writer for College Green Magazine, a student research scholar for the Kanawha Project on climate change, and a Templeton Scholar. In her free time, she enjoys sketching, hiking, belly dancing, and baking.


Jackie Fain

Jackie is a second year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Geography-Meteorology. She became involved with the Office of Sustainability after participating in a sustainability learning community as a freshman, and her passion for learning new things, taking care of the planet one micro-step at a time, and communicating with others has inspired her to serve as a SOUL Administrative Intern. In this position, she aspires to help SOUL bring the goals within the Climate Action plan and Sustainability Plan to life. Jackie enjoys spending her free time surfing Pinterest for new craft ideas, watching weather radars, and hopes to infuse knowledge about sustainability throughout campus.


Olayemi Olurin

Olayemi is a junior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science Pre-Law, a minor in African American Studies, and a certificate in Law, Justice & Culture. She plans to attend law school following completion of her undergraduate studies. Olayemi was encouraged to become a SOUL Administrative Intern after attending a presentation for Resident Assistants about personal and environmental sustainability, and she is interested in learning more about sustainability on the Ohio University campus.­


Undergraduate Interns

Interested in receiving class credit for work with the Office of Sustainability in Spring 2014?­ Check with your academic program to see if they offer for-credit internships and then email­to express your interest.­ We'll see if we can help you out!