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Professional Development

Why professional development? Here at the Office of Sustainability, we think it is of vital importance that we teach our volunteers and employees how to succeed in the careers and fields that interest them. Not only do we help them discover what they want to do with their lives, we help them find ways to incorporate sustainability into their chosen professions. With our professional development program, we aim to promote a brighter future, personally and environmentally.

***Please note: This website's purpose is to serve as a resource for our employees, volunteers, and interns. While we encourage interested parties outside of our office to look at what we offer, these resources are only available to current volunteers and student employees within the Office of Sustainability.


Build your resume 

Building a resume is the first step to getting the job of your dreams. The content you fill it with must not only be well worded, it must also look organized and professional, catching the eye of a potential employer. Check out this document from Career Services to get started:
Resume Writing
After making a basic draft of your resume, Office of Sustainability staff and volunteers can set up and appointment with the Professional Development Coordinator.  This individual will help with any minor touch ups, provide tips to enhance accuracy and style and can even help you set-up an appointment with Career Services.  If you are an OHIO student but not a current Sustainability employee or volunteer, please contact Career Services directly at 593-2909.


Dress up your email signature 

A well-organized email signature is a wonderful way to make a great first impression. When inquiring about an available position within a company you'd like to work for or simply contacting one of your professors, it is important that they catch a glimpse of the type of person you are and what qualities you possess. Review this document for tips on how to make a professional email signature:
Email Signature Tips and Ideas
Need a personal opinion? Office of Sustainability staff/volunteers can set up an appointment with the Professional Development Coordinator to make adjustments or get more advice.


Find your dream job

In what types of jobs can you see yourself working for the rest of your life? Which careers would inspire you, keep you motivated, and encourage you to fulfill you potential? Complete this Dream Job Analysis to discover your skills, strengths, and potential career goals:
Dream Job Analysis
Once Office of Sustainability staff/employees have completed the activity, send your work to the Professional Development Coordinator and set up and appointment to discuss your goals for this year.


Create a LinkedIn account 

Want to get a foot in the door of success? LinkedIn is a fantastic website that allows you to create an online profile, which can be used to find jobs, connect with colleagues, and advertise your experience, education, and skills to the world. Review these documents created by LinkedIn itself to maximize the potential of your profile:
Networking on LinkedIn 
Building a Professional LinkedIn


Create your own website

If you want to have a better Internet presence, this may be a good option for you. When you apply for a job, some employers may search your name online, and it is important to make sure they don't see anything you don't want them to see. With that said, creating your own website is a great way to show your professionalism and to give them a good resource to learn more about your assets and skills. 
There are many different avenues for making your own website. is one of the most user-friendly websites. If you are interested in this option, set up an appointment with the Professional Development Coordinator to create it with a helpful hand.


Writing a Professional Email

When contacting anyone via email, it is vital that you present yourself in a professional manner. People can learn a lot about a person based on the content and presentation of the written word – it is how they gauge what type of person you are and how you carry yourself in a professional setting. Here are some good tips for writing a professional email.

Cleaning up your Facebook Image

When job searching, it is likely that potential employers will conduct an online search of your name.  Facebook is commonly one of the earlier search results that will appear.  Therefore, it is important for you to know how to maintain a professional presence on facebook to anyone outside of your friends who many view your profile.  The tips provided in this "Facebook Cleaning" document have been compiled and prepared by a student employee in the Office of Sustainability.  Choose which tips you feel are most applicable to your own desires and needs as they relate to the image you wish to present to potential employers.


Eco-Skill Workshops

Learning an EcoSkill is a fantastic way to learn more about a sustainability topic you are passionate about. You may also use this opportunity to find new ways to incorporate sustainability into your career. You can either create your own workshop, allowing you to research what you are interested in, or go to an already existing workshop to learn about something someone else is passionate about. Read more about it here:
Eco-Skill Workshops
If you are interested in attending an already existing workshop, email the Office of Sustainability for details. 
Create your own workshop! Begin by completing a Workshop Planning Form and sending it to the Professional Development Coordinator:
Planning Form


Join a student organization on campus 

What's important to you? What are you passionate about? Find a topic of interest and join a group of students with the same interests while simultaneously bulking-up your resume. Follow the link to the directory of student organizations on campus and find one that interests you: 
As an employee of the Office of Sustainability, there are many group that focus on sustainability that may interest you. Immersing yourself in the green community will allow you to find your true passions in sustainability. Look into some of these groups and find one that suits your interests: Eco Reps, Sierra Student Coalition, Save Our Seas

Learn a New Skill 

Many employers will want employees who have mastered standard office software such as Word, Publisher and Excel.  Office of Sustainability occasionally offers training sessions to its students so as to improve their knowledge base.  The Tri-County Adult Career Center in Nelsonville, Ohio is an exceptional resource for skill development.  Their friendly staff prepared these "cheat sheets" on Publisher 2010 and Excel 2010.


I'm in college, now what? 

If you're still undecided or unsure about your major, don't worry! It takes time to find out what you want to do in life. Take this career quiz to help you along in your journey to self-discovering. This specific website gives you a list of many different options to look into depending on your personality and interests.


Where can your major take you? 

No matter what you major in, there are many different paths you can take and careers options you can pursue. If you find yourself unsure of what you can do with your degree, take a look at the document below for tips and advice. Then set up an appointment with the Professional Development Coordinator to further brainstorm the pros and cons of each and what careers best fit your skills and interests.
Where can your major take you?

***OoS Staff: Once you have completed any of the available opportunities, email our Professional Development Coordinator to notify the OoS of your work and to ask for further guidance if interested. 
***If you need to download and edit any of these documents, they are all found in our Yammer files.