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Dr. Larry Burmeister

Larry Burmeister

Ph.D.: Cornell University, 1985

Contact Information:
Phone: (740) 593-1380
Office: Bentley Annex 113

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Specialization:
Sociology of Development; Sociology of Agriculture; Rural Sociology; Economic Sociology; Political Sociology; East Asian Societies; Agricultural and Rural Development Policy

Courses Taught:
Soc 4000: Emergent Social Theory
Soc 4320/5320: Political Sociology
Soc 4950: Food, Agriculture, & Society: Senior Capstone

Selected Publications:
Fulkerson, Gregory, Larry L. Burmeister, Brenda J. Vander Mey, and Ronald C. Wimberley. 2009. “The Global Perceptions and Stance Framework: Toward Clarifying Messy Global Outlooks in the United States.” Beliefs and Values 1(2):168-182.

Burmeister, Larry L.  2008.  “Resilience and Vulnerability in US Farm Policy: Parsing the Payment Limitation Debate.”  Agriculture and Human Values 25(2):183-186.

Sakamoto, Kiyohiko, Yong-Ju Choi, and Larry L. Burmeister.  2007.  “Framing Multifunctionality:  Agricultural Policy Paradigm Change in South Korea and Japan?”  International Journal of the Sociology of Food and Agriculture 15(1):24-45.

Burmeister, Larry L.  2006.  “Agricultural Cooperative Development and Change: A Window on South Korea’s Agrarian Transformation.”  Pp. 64-86 in Yun-Shik Chang and Steven H. Lee, eds., Pursuing Modernity:  Transformations in Twentieth Century Korea.  London and New York:  Routledge.

Burmeister, Larry L.  2002.  “Lagoons, Litter, and the Law:  CAFO Regulation as Social Risk Politics.”  Southern Rural Sociology 18(2):56-87.

Burmeister, Larry L., Gustav Ranis, and Michael Wang.  2002.  “Group Behaviour and Development:  A Comparison of Farmers’ Organizations in South Korea and Taiwan.”  Pp. 125-143 in Judith Heyer, Frances Stewart, and Rosemary Thorp, eds., Group Behaviour and Development:  Is the Market Destroying Cooperation? New York:  Oxford University Press.

Burmeister, Larry L.  2000.  “Dismantling Statist East Asian Agricultures?  Global Pressures and National Responses.”  World Development 28(3):443-455.

Burmeister, Larry L.  1999.  “From Parastatal Control to Corporatist Intermediation: The Korean Agricultural Cooperative in Transition.”  Pp. 110-138 in Dennis L.  McNamara, ed., Corporatism and Korean Capitalism.  London:  Routledge.

Burmeister, Larry L.  1988.  Research, Realpolitik, and Development in Korea:  The State and the Green Revolution.  Boulder, CO:  Westview Press.



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