Section 8

Founded in 1991, Section Eight began as an eight member collegiate acapella ensemble, born out of the Singing Men of Ohio. Section Eight has grown over the years from the original incredibly talented 8, to an equally effective 12, to now 17 members, and appropriately borrows its namesake from the military term "Section 8"-- designated when an enlisted soldier is discharged due to mental incompetence. Dr. Raymond Feener was the first president of The Singing Men of Ohio, lovingly known as SMO, and also was the founder and first director of Section Eight. The group is now fully student led by all members varying in formal musical education. Section Eight has performed for many Ohio University engagements and organizations over the years, alumni chapters and societies, and has performed the National Anthem for various sporting events. The group has released two hit CDs, "We May Be Disturbed..." in 2003, and "That's Okay Here," in 2012.