Sign Up First, then Register

1. Student sign-up for the 2014-2015 Scripps Innovation Challenge is not yet open.

Procedures for 2014: Sign ups will be through an organizational group in Blackboard, the Scripps Innovation group.

Once you sign up, we will be able to send you information about contest resources, including workshops, speakers, and answers to new questions that come up. Signing up will also make it easier for you to communicate with other students if you want to find teammates. You can sign up just to receive information.

  • Sign in to Blackboard. Click on the tab, "My 9.1 Organizations." 
  • Use the link "Browse Organizational Catalog" to search for the Scripps Innovation Challenge Team Course.
  • Once you find the challenge, click on the small box to the right of scripps_innovation under organization id. (See the screenshot below.) Be careful not to click on the link itself, as that will NOT take you to option page where you can enroll.
  • The option menu will have a link for you to enroll. The password to enroll is 'innovation' (just the word, no quotes). 
  • Please read our Welcome announcement. We encourage you to fill out a profile and tell us and the other contestants about yourself.




2 Register. If you decide to submit an entry, the deadline for contest registration is February 28th. Each team (even if it's only you) that plans to submit an entry must register. This will allow us to find the right judges for the proposals that are submitted.

How to Register your SIC Team / Instructions

Congratulations! We hope that you are ready to take the next step in the Scripps Innovation Challenge.  The following instructions will allow your team to register and be set up in Blackboard. Remember, the team can consist of only you, but each team needs to register to be able to submit a contest entry. Once your team information is received, an SIC administrator will create a private group and contact you with that information.  You will then be able to communicate, work with, and share information with your team members as you develop your solutions to your chosen challenge. Your interactions will remain confidential from other students who are not in your group.

Step 1:

The following information is needed to set up your group. All responses need to be submitted in the Blackboard Discussion Board by posting an answer to the Forum, "Register Here." Please include the following information in the response:

Name of the Group

Team Leader of the Group

*Student Members in the Group

Identify if your team is participating as part of a class/ Name class and number

The number of the challenge chosen

*Note: All members of the team MUST be registered in Blackboard before registering your team.

Step 2:

Sign the Intellectual Property Statement

Each member of the team should sign and return a copy of the Intellectual Property Statement by February 28. This is the last day to register to submit an entry for the contest.  A copy of the form will be uploaded to Blackboard under the “Resources/Documents” section.  No electronic signatures accepted

Deliver the signed statement to Dean’s office in Schoonover Center, Attention Karen Peters, Office 119 for Ohio University Representative signature.

Thank you for your submission and good luck with your challenge!