Ohio University is open; the transformer failure that temporarily closed the West Union Street Office Center on Wednesday has been fixed. The building will reopen for business on Thursday morning.

OIT Tech Support can still be reached by calling 3-1222. More Information

2013-2014 Challenges

Challenge 1


Create a better way to inform central Ohio residents about closings, cancellations or postponements prompted by severe weather or other causes.

Challenge 2

A news organization with close to 190,000 Twitter followers is looking for ways to monetize this loyal and growing audience.

Challenge 3




 Create a “loyalty program” game that increases your audience by rewarding those who participate in on-air or online activities.

Challenge 4

Create a way to repurpose news content in a manner that appeals to millennials.

Challenge 5




Create a way to verify the accuracy of User Generated Content, like photos or video clips, submitted to news organizations by members of the public.

Challenge 6



Create a non-traditional 4 p.m. newscast with a significant digital emphasis that allows viewers in a metro market to personalize and customize their news experience.

Challenge 7



Create a solution, either face-to-face or through technology, to engage Southeastern Ohio residents throughout the news cycle.