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Student Organizations


The Scripps College's student organizations connect you with students who share your interests and with the industry you want to enter. They also provide you with opportunities to gain practical experience that will help you when its time to find an internship or begin your search for your first job after graduation. And because they send a representative to the Scripps College’s Council of Student Organizations, they also give you a voice in campus affairs and College policies.

Ranked as one of the Top 5 college stations in the U.S. by the National Association of College Broadcasters, ACRN (All Campus Radio Network) is Ohio University's only radio station that is completely student-run. From the executive staff to the disc jockeys, ACRN is staffed completely by students. Operating from facilities on the third floor of Baker University Center, ACRN transmits to the entire university and the world using Internet streaming technology and its operating revenues come from the sale of commercial air time. ACRN's format is New Rock targeted specifically to college students. With the Rock Lobster as its mascot, the station hosts its annual Lobsterfest, ACRN’s all-day music festival that is free and open to the public. At ACRN students have the unique opportunity to learn every aspect of running a commercial radio station: sales, programming, production, promotion, public relations, music, news, engineering, on-air announcing, management, and much more. ACRN holds informational orientation meetings at the beginning of each quarter. Check out ACRN’s website at for dates, times, etc. For additional information, email, or ACRN’s faculty advisor Gregory Newton at

Ohio University Advertising Association (Ad Club) is a regional and national award-winning pre-professional organization affiliated with the American Advertising Federation (AAF). Students gain hands-on experience developing national advertising campaigns, through the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) sponsored by the AAF. A national client is announced in the summer and more than 120 schools compete at regional and national levels. OUAA begins work on this campaign in fall quarter and the project culminates in spring when a team is sent to a regional competition. The campaign requires volunteers in areas of planning, creative, media, research, sales promotion, and public relations. In fact, the OU Ad Club won AAF’s 2008 National Student Advertising Competition with its campaign for AOL’s Instant Messenger service. Other activities of the Ad Club include hosting industry speakers, workshops, socials and career conferences in New York City and Chicago, as well as Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland. Contact Ashley Spencer, head of promotions, at or faculty advisors Dr. Hong Cheng at or Dr. Craig Davis for more information.

Association for Women in Communications (AWC) is a professional organization devoted to the advancement of women across all communication disciplines by recognizing excellence, promoting leadership and positioning its members to be at the forefront of the ever-evolving era of communication technology. AWC provides a variety of activities including professional speakers, and a peer mentor program. Ohio's AWC won the 2001 National Outstanding Student Chapter Award and the Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award for 2001 and 2003. The chapter also won the Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award for 2003. All majors are welcome. For additional information email Olivia Ohlin, president, at or contact faculty advisor Dr. Eddith Dashiell at You also can check out the national AWC website at

Athens Video Works is Ohio University’s Emmy Award-winning student-run video production house and offers experience in all areas of production, including general management, sales, programming and marketing in addition to the production process itself. The variety of shows students work on includes sports, game shows, sitcoms, entertainment magazines, talk shows and music concerts. Most of the programming on WOUB II channel, viewed throughout the Athens community, is produced by AVW. Students (or prospective students) interested in getting involved in video production can email Sam Binnig at or or check out its website at:

Backdrop Magazine is Ohio University’s first entirely student-produced campus lifestyle magazine. Students have the opportunity to gain real-world experience publishing a print magazine for their own demographic. The four-color, glossy magazine is produced quarterly and is distributed free to students, faculty and staff. For additional information check out its website at or email Katie Meffered, president, at, Shannon Miranda, editor-in-chief, at, or advisor Bill Reader at

Black Student Communication Caucus (BSCC) is an organization that provides personal support and helps develop professional skills for students who wish to pursue a career in some aspect of communication. Each year BSCCelaborates on the classroom experiences of its membership with seminars and programs, annual professional development trips to various cities, guest speakers and a biennial communication conference open to the entire college. In addition to providing opportunities to enhance preparation for post-graduate experiences, BSCC also prides itself on creating a family feeling. We encourage everyone to join us. Email Schneitta Howard, president, at or BSCC at or contact faculty advisor Dr. Carolyn Bailey Lewis at

Brick Beats Magazine is a student-run online music magazine on Ohio University’s campus that focuses on delivering content that aims to highlight the talent of Athens area musicians and the wide range of genres and venues for music lovers of all ages. The publication began two years ago and used to publish quarterly before the semester switch. Brick Beat’s Magazine can be found at Email Tess Stevens, president, at, Shaun Livingston, treasurer, at or advisor Bill Reader at for information.

Brick City Records, founded in 2003, is a completely student-run record label affiliated with Ohio University. To our knowledge, no other public university has attempted anything like this before. The main goal of Brick City Records is to provide Southeastern Ohio and the Ohio University community with the opportunity for an artist to record, distribute and promote quality music. Students participate in every aspect of the record business: scouting talent and music production, sales, marketing, promotion, legal and financial issues. Contact William Ivan at, or advisor Eddie Ashworth at for more information. Check out its website at

College Green Magazine is an independent online student publication that aims to inform students and residents of Athens community about various environmental issues affecting the southeast Ohio region. This publication will provide students with experience in environmental science writing, online journalism practice as well as in-depth investigative reporting. With the multidisciplinary structure of environmental issues, working for College Green will help students become analytical thinkers and multifaceted journalists “while also instilling a sense of pride in the area’s natural beauty, amenities and assets.” Check out its website at or email Kelly Doran, president at, April Jaynes, treasurer, at,, or advisor Bernhard Debatin at for more information.­

The Essay is an online, student-produced source for in-depth storytelling about the students of Ohio University and the members of the Athens Community. Its collection of stories consists of community issues, sports features, profiles and human interest. Whether through words, photographs or videos, The Essay's mission is to allow the voices of its characters to be heard. Good stories require a variety of skills sets, therefore, members often work in small editorial teams with students from different areas of study than their own. The Essay is about understanding the world and, most importantly, it's about the people's stories. For additional information email The Essay at or Jacob Betzner, editor, at You can also email faculty advisor Dr. Anita James at or check out The Essay website at

Her CampusOhioU (college women's magazine) is a versatile online magazine for all women at Ohio University. It highlights feature pieces focusing on beauty, health, college and style. The website for the publication is Email Hillary Johns, president at, or advisor Hugh Martin at for more information.­

OU Game Developers Association (OUGDA) is a student chapter of the International Game Developers’ Association. OUGDA was founded in 2011 and is a professional networking club for OU students interested in the game design field. For more information, go to, or email Nathaniel Yellon, president, at, Steve Yeager, vice president, at or advisor John Bowditch at

The OU Urban Gaming League designs, promotes, organizes, and directs urban- and location-based games on the Ohio University main campus and in the surrounding Athens area. Students from the Special Effects, Games, and Animation track will feel right at home in this organization. The organization also does media promotion and content creation for­ games. Those interested in graphic design, video, and audio production are welcome! Email Andrew Kulinski, president, at or advisor Jeff Redefer at for more information.­

ImPRessions is Ohio University's student-run public relations firm and is a subsidiary of Ohio University's chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). Notable clients include Bob Evans, Cardinal Health and the College Bookstore. Email CEO Heather Bartman at or advisor MJ Clark at for more information.­

INC (SPJ publication) is a weekly news publication that offers a dependable source of information regarding journalism related internships, news and commentary. It is the official independent voice of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism Students produced by the Ohio University chapter of Society of Professional Journalists. For more information or updates, visit or email Lindsay Friedman at or Jimmy Roller at

Recipient of the United Campus Ministry 2010 Social Justice Award, the Interactivist is a local, non-profit publication in Athens that features independent reporting and politically progressive commentary on a wide range of underreported social justice issues and focuses on the work of local and regional grassroots activists, groups, campaigns and events. Interactivist is published independently with participation from the Ohio University student group InterAct. For additional information check out its website at or email Lindsay Boyle, managing editor, at

National Communication Association Student Club (NCASC) is a professional organization dedicated to teaching communication students more about the field of communication as a whole. It accomplishes this through interactive workshops, guest speakers, mentoring programs, networking trips and job shadowing. NCASC is open to all communication majors. If you are interested in joining NCASC or would like more information, please contact Hannah Beck, president at or advisor Dr. Lynn Harter at

National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) student chapter is an organization that brings together photojournalism students and any student interested in photojournalism. The chapter brings working professionals to campus to speak with students. At chapter meetings, students learn about aspects of the field and share their work with their peers. As an affiliate of the National Professional Association, the student chapter provides access to various publications, internship opportunities and job information. The NPPA student chapter’s main goal is educational, permitting students to learn from professionals in various media organizations. For more information, contact Meg Roussos, president, at Advisor Marcy Nighswander of the School of Visual Communication is a Pulitzer-prize winning photojournalist. Contact her at

The­Ohio University Electronic Music Collective Developers Association (OUEMC) is a group for enthusiasts, DJ's, and producers of all styles of electronic music. They hold weekly student-led meeting which include discussions on industry news, hosting live music events, providing hands-on tutorials for many different softwares (Logic, FL Studio, Traktor, Ableton, etc.), gear swaps, and project critiques. The group also releases a free sampler CD at the end of each semester of music that members have created during the semester. All prior releases can be found on their Bandcamp page. To learn more about the group, contact President Sam Simpson at

Ohio University Multimedia Society is an organization for students who want to explore different aspects of design, multimedia and the Internet. Meeting topics include software tips and tricks, web design and development, latest technology trends and gadgets, and even the latest YouTube videos. OUMS also has guest speakers from various multimedia industries and Flash and HTML tutorials throughout the year. Most members are multimedia majors in the School of Visual Communication, but all majors are welcome. Members of OUMS critique print and digital work, discuss the latest technologies, visit design firms, give advice on classes, help with VICO’s Dawn to Dusk, Soul of Athens, and much more. A smaller group within OUMS, called the Web Design Association (WDA) works on smaller web design projects throughout the year. For more information contact Alex Martinez at,, or faculty advisor Sam Girton at or go to the OUMS website at

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is a pre-professional organization affiliated with the Public Relations Society of America, designed to provide its members with practical experiences in public relations. PRSSA aims (1) to introduce students to the field of PR, (2) to help students gain PR skills through its activities and (3) to help students land internships and jobs. PRSSA students produce several publications, operate a 40-plus-member PR firm, attend national and regional conferences and just have a good time in general. Students in news-editorial journalism, online journalism, broadcast journalism, advertising, public relations, communication studies, English, visual communication, graphic design and sports industry will benefit, but all majors are welcome. PRSSA has won national awards for 12 of the last 13 years. Activities include weekly meetings, many of which feature public relations professionals, student socials, internship and conference opportunities, and a student-run PR firm, called ImPRessions. For more information, email Nicole Spears, president, at or or faculty advisor Dan Farkas at Blog:

ImPRessions is Ohio University’s student-run public relations firm. As a part of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), ImPRessions provides hands-on experience in PR. From start to finish, members work on an account team of at least four people. They meet with clients to develop goals, create strategic public relations plans, implement tactics and evaluate outcomes. Working with others on one of ImPRessions' eight to ten commercial, non-profit and University accounts, members learn about public relations and teamwork while building their portfolios. Members from all communication disciplines and with all levels of experience are welcome. Contact faculty advisor Julie Tatge at

Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) is a student chapter of the largest professional organization for broadcast and electronic journalists. The chapter is dedicated to training and developing future professionals to maintain the highest standards in broadcast journalism. RTDNA regularly brings in TV and radio news professionals for workshops and organizes an annual conference bringing 15-20 professionals to campus for panel discussions, tape critiques and job/internship counseling. Students also participate in community projects, and there are social and mentoring events to help new broadcast majors interact with the veterans in the program. The group also travels to the national RTDNA conference and hosts a local conference. Contact faculty advisor Mary Rogus at

Society for Publication Design This Ohio University chapter provides members with portfolio advice, job opportunities and a forum for interacting with other news designers. Students interested in informational graphics and publication design are welcome. For additional information contact Jennifer Johnson, president, at, Brittany Thomas, vice president, at, or faculty advisor Julie Elman at

Society for Photographic Illustration (SPI) is an organization intended for students enrolled in the commercial photography sequence in the School of Visual Communication. Commercial photographers are often called illustrators because they can manipulate and control images to fit their visions, unlike photojournalists who document reality. This growing group meets twice a week to review portfolios, critique projects and conduct workshops. Each October SPI helps to support students attending the National Photo Expo Convention in New York City. Contact Kimmy Stablein, president, at, Jamie Ferrell, vice president, at, or advisor Larry Hamel-Lambert at

Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) promotes journalism as an ethical profession. The group conducts many programs and activities each year, such as sponsorship of speakers and panel discussions, social events, service projects, and other events that provide opportunities to learn and gain new skills. SPJ members attend national and regional networking conventions and staff chapter committees on ethics and freedom of information. In fact, the OU SPJ chapter was named the 2009 Outstanding Chapter for Region 4. Contact Sandhya Kambhampati, president, at, or advisors Aimee Edmondson at, Hans Meyer at or Nerissa Young at

Speakeasy is a daily updated Web magazine (Webzine) by and for the Ohio University student. It strives to chronicle the Athens social scene by focusing on campus culture at OU: what happened, what's happening and what's going to happen. With smart, citizen journalism techniques, Speakeasy offers a fresh, alternative look at "news" that matters to the college student. Speakeasy doesn't just report – its staff gets into the heart of the matter by making sure the OU student voice is heard. Speakeasy staffers believe the “news isn't a monologue: it's a dialogue to be shared.” For more information e-mail Holly Coleta, editor-in-chief at, advisor Ellen Gerl at or go to

Students for Global Media and Diversity (SGMD) promotes awareness of diversity and enhances cross-cultural communication among students at Ohio University. Contact Andreya Carlson at or advisor Yusuf Kalyango at

Telecommunications Systems Management Association (TSMA) is a student organization that brings together students, faculty and alumni/alumnae to develop skills and knowledge in the communication technology and regulation industries for now and after graduation. Activities TSMA sponsors include resume help, job placement assistance, field trips, service projects and guest speakers who cover a variety of topics. Twin highlights of being a member of TSMA are the networking capabilities between students and guest speakers and the hands-on experience from service projects. For more information, email Paul Seniuk, president, at, Ryan Haas, vice president at or advisor Phil Campbell at

Thread magazine is a student-run online publication that showcases the Athens fashion culture while encouraging the creation of personal style through confident self-expression, activism and cultural influence. The name “Thread” was chosen because of the direction connection to clothing, but also based on the idea of the magazine giving out threads of communication and information to readers. Thread is published twice a quarter and is available online at Contact Scott Lambert, business manager, at or advisor Ellen Gerl at

WOUB_Public-Media1The WOUB Center for Public Media in the Scripps College of Communication is home to WOUB Radio & TV that provides high quality public service to southeastern Ohio and portions of neighboring Kentucky and West Virginia. WOUB includes two public TV stations, six radio stations, a cable TV station and website and also serves as a laboratory for more than 200 Ohio University students who are interested in gaining experience in broadcasting and related technologies. Students work on a variety of programs such as Newswatch, WOUB-TV's weeknight news program. Volunteer and paid positions are available to students in any major. WOUB News is located in Room 359 of the Radio-TV Building. For more information, contact Tim Sharp, News Director, Also, check out WOUB’s website at

The goal of the WOUB’s Student Professional Development Program (SPDP) in the WOUB Center for Public Media is to introduce students to the craft of video production, broadcasting, on-line services, community outreach and other media services. SPDP offers hands-on training and experiences that complement classroom learning for students majoring in related fields or who want to explore those fields. Students produce various programs, including local sports programs such as the Emmy-award winning Gridiron Glory and Bobcat Blitz. Contact Mike Rodriguez at for more information.

In addition to the communication-related organizations housed in the Scripps College of Communication,­the OHIO campus and the Athens community also provide other opportunities for students­to gain practical experience.

The Athena is Ohio University’s yearbook that provides OU with an official record of each academic year. The yearbook staff consists of students who volunteer their time to fill positions in graphics, copy writing, photography, advertising and promotions. The Athena, which is published each fall, is available for sale throughout the school year. Students who are interested in working on the Athena yearbook may apply for general staff positions throughout the year. Email

Ohio University’s Forensics Speech and Debate Team (The Speaking Bobcats of Ohio) consistently wins regional and national awards. The Speaking Bobcats of Ohio compete each year from September through April, providing the opportunity for students to meet outstanding undergraduates from 300 or more colleges or universities in intellectual competition. Approximately 20 tournaments at other schools and several held on the OU campus enable students to develop skills in debate, extemporaneous speaking, oratory, rhetorical criticism and oral interpretation. Most travel is funded, and scholarship opportunities are available. This diverse group of fun-loving, hard-working individuals welcomes any and all interested students of any major. No prior experience is necessary. For more information regarding Ohio University forensics, contact the John A. Cassese Director of Forensics Dan West at

The Post, Ohio University’s daily, independent student newspaper is not a part of the Scripps College of Communication, but it provides a variety of ways for students to gain valuable practical experience in news and sports reporting, advertising, photography and website design. The Post offers both paid and non-paid positions. Any student from any major can contact the editor about working on the paper. The Post is accessible online at For additional information, you may email The Post at, call (740) 593-4010 (to reach the front desk), or stop by its offices in 325 Baker University Center.

Soul of Athens is an award-winning online production that attempts to define the spirit of Athens, Ohio year after year through thematic images and multimedia. Students from all schools in the Scripps College of Communication are invited to participate. For more information, contact senior faculty leader Stan Alost at

The Athens Messenger (afternoon daily) and The Athens News (Monday and Thursday mornings) offer additional opportunities for students to complete reporting and editing assignments. There are also opportunities for students to get experience in advertising, web design and photography. Both publications are always looking for good reporters, photographers and webpage designers and hire many Scripps College of Communication students.

Contact Information:

The Athens Messenger 9300 Johnson Rd (740) 592-6612 Steve Robb, News Editor at

The Athens News 14 N. Court Street (740) 594-8219 Terry Smith, Editor at