PRE-COLLEGE STUDY - further solidification of tone, embouchure and technique

Etudes & Methods: Klose: 25 Daily Exercises; Lacour:  50 Easy and Progressive Studies; Teal: Melodies for the Young Saxophonist, Saxophonist's Workbook, Art of Saxophone Playing; Voxman: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Methods for Saxophone

Bach(Mule): Bouree

Handel(Mule): Largo

Porret: Solo de Concours

Purcell: Two Bourrees

Still: Romance

Teal: Program Solos for Alto Saxophone

Voxman: Concert and Contest Collection for Saxophone

FRESHMAN - introductory classical repertoire

Scales:  freshman year is spent working towards Sophomore level scale requirements.

Etudes & Methods: Bois:  25 Airs en Guise d’Etudes; Ferling: 48 Famous Studies; Hite:  Melodious and Progressive Studies; Labanchi: Concert Etudes, Vol. I and II; Perenyi:  222 Studies for Saxophone; Rossari:  53 Melodious Etudes; Small:  27 Melodious and Rhythmical Exercises; Voxman: Selected Studies

Jazz Study: improvisation on modal tunes; Haerle: The Jazz Language; Lipsius:  Reading Key Jazz Rhythms; Mintzer: 15 Easy Etudes (tenor/soprano); Niehaus: Basic Jazz Conception for Saxophone

Anderson: Sonata

J.S. Bach(Mule): Sonata #4

Bencriscutto: Serenade (alto w/ band)

Bitsch: Villageoise

Bozza: Aria

Couf: Introduction, dance and furioso (unaccompanied)

Debussy: Syrinx (flute)

Debussy: Saxophone Album

DuBois: Dix figures à danser

DuBois:  La Gremellite

Eccles: Sonata

Fasch: Sonata (bassoon)

Francaix:  Cinq Danses Exotiques

Gershwin:  Three Preludes

Grainger:  Arrival Platform Humlet (unaccompanied)

Handel: Sonatas 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 12

Ibert: Aria

Ibert: Histoires

Lantier: Sicilienne

Milhaud: Danse

Platti: Sonata No. 5

Rachmaninoff: Vocalise

Ravel: Piece en Forme de Habanera (soprano)

Rueff: Chanson et Passepied

Tcherepnine: Sonatine Sportive

Teal: Solos for the Saxophone Player

Telemann: Oboe Sonata in A minor

Tomasi: Chant Corse

Vivaldi(Rascher): Sonata in G minor

Whitney: Rumba

Wilder: Sonata

SOPHOMORE - repertoire of moderate difficulty; beginning altissimo study

Scales for Performance majors to attain sophomore level:  Chromatic scale, all major scales with tonic arpeggios, and all natural, harmonic, and melodic minor scales with tonic arpeggios.

Scales for non-Performance majors to attain sophomore level:  Chromatic scale, all major scales with tonic arpeggios, and natural, harmonic, and melodic minor scales and tonic arpeggios through 3 sharps and flats.

Etudes & Methods: Lacour: 24 Easy Atonal Studies, 12 Etudes; Mule: Dix Huit Exercises, 52 Etudes (3 vols.), Traits Difficiles; Rousseau: Saxophone High Tones (2nd ed.); Sinta/Dabney: Voicing

Jazz Study: solo transcriptions; improvisation on ii-V-I tunes and the blues; Aebersold: Omnibook; Baker: The Jazz Style of Cannonball Adderley and The Jazz Style of John Coltrane; Coker: Complete Method for Improvisation; Mintzer:  Jazz and Funk Etudes; Niehaus: Intermediate and Advanced Jazz Conception for Saxophone

Bach: Cello Suites I-V (unaccompanied)

Bach(Mule): Sonata #6

Beeckman: Concerto Militaire

Beeckman:  Deuxième morceau de concert

Benson: Aeolian Song

Bonneau: Suite

Bozza: Improvisation et Caprice (unaccompanied)

Bozza:  Fantaisie Italienne

Britten:  Six Metamorphoses after Ovid (solo oboe)

Demersseman: Fantaisie, sur un thème original

Devienne: Six Sonatas (solo flute)

Handel:  Sonata 13

Heiden: Sonata

Heiden: Solo

Hindemith: Sonata

Koechlin: Etudes for Saxophone and Piano

Lunde: Sonata

Maslanka: Song Book (with marimba)

Maurice: Tableaux de Provence

Milhaud: Scaramouche

Sasamori:  Variations on Taki's "Kojo no tsuki"

Schumann (Hemke): Three Romances

Singelee: Adagio et Rondo (tenor)

Telemann: Fantasies I-XII (unaccompanied flute) 

Tomasi: Ballade

Tomasi: Introduction et danse

Turnage: Two Memorials (unaccompanied)

Whitney: Introduction & Samba

Wilder:  Suite for Stan Getz (tenor)

JUNIOR - intermediate to advanced repertoire

Scales for Performance Majors to attain Junior level: All major and natural, harmonic and melodic minor scales in 3rds (and maintain requirements from previous years).

Scales for Non-Performance Majors: All major scales with tonic arpeggios, and natural, harmonic and melodic minor scales with tonic arpeggios (and maintain requirements from previous years).

Etudes & Methods: Karg-Elert: 25 Capricen; Lacour: 28 Etudes-Modes de Messiaen; Mule: Etudes Variees; Piazzolla: Tango-etudes

Jazz Study: memorized solo transcriptions; improvisation on ballads, rhythm changes; Coker: Patterns for Jazz Improvisation; Reeves: Creative Jazz Improvisation

Bennett: Sonata (soprano)

Boutry: Divertimento

Bozza:  Pièce brève (unaccompanied)

Creston: Sonata

Creston: Rapsodie

Cunningham: Trigon (tenor)

Daneels: Suite (unaccompanied)

Debussy: Rapsodie (Etoile Music edition)

DuBois:  Circus Parade (saxophone and percussion)

DuBois: Pièces caractéristiques en forme de suite

DuBois: Sonate

Duckworth: Ballad in Time and Space (tenor)

Ewazen: Fantasia

Eychenne: Sonate

Glazounov: Concerto

Gotkovsky: Brillance

Grundman: Concertante

Hartley: Petite Suite (unaccompanied)

Hartley: Poem (tenor)

Heiden: Diversion

Marcello: Oboe Concerto (soprano)

Muczynski: Sonata

Noda: Improvisations I, II, III (unaccompanied)

Noda: Phoenix (unaccompanied)

Pascal: Sonatine

Platti: Sonata in G Major (soprano or tenor)

Saint-Saens: Clarinet Sonata

Schmidt: Sonata (tenor)

Yasinitsky: Sixth Sense

Young, C.R.: Sonata (soprano)

Young, C.R.:  Excursions (w/ marimba)

Yuyama: Divertimento (w/ marimba)

SENIOR - advanced repertoire

Scales for Performance majors to attain Senior level:  whole tone and diminished (octatonic) scales with arpeggios (and maintain requirements from previous years).

Scales for non-Performance majors to attain Senior level:  all major and minor scales in 3rds (and maintain requirements from previous years).

Etudes & Methods: Karg-Elert (arr. Ford):  23 Caprices;  Lacour: Huit Etudes Brillantes; Londeix:  Nouvelles Etudes Variees; Rossi: Altissimo Repertoire Etudes; Samyn: 9 Etudes Transcendantes

Jazz Study: continued solo transcriptions; work in 12 keys; transposition work; up-tempo improvisation

Austin: Tarogato!

Benson: Concertino

Bonneau: Concerto

Bozza: Concertino

Chambers:  Deep Flowers (unaccompanied)

Creston: Concerto

DiPasquale: Sonata (tenor)

DuBois: Concertstuck

DuBois: Le lièvre et la tortue

DuBois:  Respirations

DuBois: Sonate d'Etude (unaccompanied)

Duckworth: Pitt County Excursions (tenor)

Gotkovsky: Concerto

Harbison: San Antonio

Hartley: Duo

Hartley: Concertino (tenor)

Heiden: Fantasia Concertante

Karlins: Music for Tenor Saxophone (tenor)

Larsson: Konsert

Martin: Ballade

Phillips: ménage à trois (alto, tenor and piano)

Phillips: Sonic Landscapes (soprano)

Robert: Cadenza

Roush: Nine Muses

Schmitt: Legende

Schulhoff: Hot Sonate

Smith: Fantasia

Wanamaker: Duo Sonata (alto and clarinet)

Young, C. R.: Concerto

Williams: Escapades

Woods:  Sonata

GRADUATE - advanced repertoire

Scales: Add major scales in 4ths, diatonic sevenths in major, blues scales, pentatonic scales, major modes, jazz melodic minor and modes, and additional patterns as assigned (and maintain previous requirements from undergraduate study).

Etudes & Methods: Bozza: 12 Etudes-Caprices; Caravan: Paradigms I and II

Jazz Study: solo transcriptions; improvisation on harmonically complex tunes

Albright: Sonata

Austin:  BluesAx

Bassett: Music for Alto Saxophone and Piano

Bassett: Duo Concertante

Bevelander: Synthecisms No. 3 (w/ tape)

Bolcom: Lilith

Boutry:  Refractions

Dahl: Concerto

Denisov: Sonata

Dubois: Concerto

Erickson:  Concerto

Feld: Concerto

Gotkovsky: Variations Pathetiques

Husa: Concerto

von Koch: Concerto

Maslanka: Sonata


Phillips: Night Vision

Schuller: Concerto

Stockhausen: In Freundschaft

Swerts: Klonos

Tomasi: Concerto

Tower: Wings (unaccompanied)

Yoshimatsu:  Fuzzy Bird Sonata


Saxophone Repertoire List

Scroll over titles for direct links to the items in the Ohio University Music/Dance Library or on OhioLink.

  Audio links function only on campus, and are available to OU students via the Naxos Music Library.  Thanks to Graduate Assistant Jordan Reed for researching and providing these links.

All scales are to be performed full range, memorized and with varied articulation.  For notated major and minor scales and articulation patterns, see Kynaston’s Daily Studies for All Saxophones, pp. 4, 9, 14 & 47.

For a good resource defining foreign musical terms, refer to (or purchase!) Ammer’s Musician’s Handbook of Foreign Terms.