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Confined Spaces

A confined space is a space that is not designed for continuous human occupancy. Some typical confined spaces include fluid storage tanks, boilers, manholes, underground vaults and silos. There are hundreds of confined spaces on campus that the Environmental Health and Safety Department is responsible for. Every time a confined space is entered, EHS makes sure that the entrants are wearing the appropriate safety equipment and that the air is being monitored. This website displays all the confined spaces, where they are located, and what precautions must be taken when they are entered.

Click on the map below to access confined space information for a specific building.

Alphabetical Building List:

Aquatic Center
Botanical Research Lab
Edwards Accelerator
Konneker Research Lab
Laushe Heating Plant
Old Baker Center
Ridges Cooling Plant
Ridges Heating Plant
Radio Television Building
WOUB Transmitting Tower