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Brent Auker

Brent Auker
Fire Protection Engineer
175 University Service Center
email ♦ (740) 597-1748

Brent is a retired career firefighter with over 20 years experience in all areas within the scope of firefighting. In addition, he has over 28 years in the EMS field, both as an EMT-A and EMT-P.

Brent has been at Ohio University since July of 2010. He is the Fire Safety Coordinator for Ohio University. The Fire Safety Coordinator is responsible for fire safety, educating the campus public on fire prevention, supervision of student employees, following the progress of building alarm upgrades and the documentation of records as needed to compile yearly statistics. Job responsibilities include the inspection of campus buildings for fire and safety hazards; supervision of 6 student employees that do the fire extinguisher routes (monthly); work with the Life Safety Shop on replacement of extinguishers that don't pass monthly inspections; schedule and oversee quarterly drills for residence halls 3 times a year and manage the manpower needed for these events.