Office of Research Compliance

Human Subjects (IRB) 

All studies that involve humans are potentially subject to federal government regulations. This includes everything from clinical trials to surveys, interviews, and observation. Any research -- including masters and doctoral projects -- that calls for participation by people must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) before the project can begin. All researchers who conduct human subjects research must complete required CITI training, which can be located here. 

The necessary forms for submitting an IRB proposal can be located here.

Frequently asked questions regarding human subject research can be found here.

Click here to read Ohio University's policy on human subjects research.

Click here to see Description of Review Levels.

Click here to see our Policies and Procedures.

Q. How do I submit for review?

Find the appropriate form on the forms page, complete the form, and submit to the Office of Research Compliance in RTEC 117.

Q. When should I submit?

Research proposals are routed for review in a first in/first out basis.  Many studies qualify for exempt or expedited review, and thus go straight to a reviewer.  Studies that are deemed to be greater than minimal risk will be reviewed in a convened meeting of one of two committees (Biomedical or Social/Behavioral).  Each committee meets once per month and there is a submission deadline to be included on each month's agenda. 

Click here for the Full Board meeting schedule and deadlines.

Q. Is there any training required?

All researchers conducting human subjects research must complete the online training module and submit proof of completion with the project outline form. Click here to access the online training modules.


Need help?  For more information on research involving human subjects, email or call 740-593-0664.