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Botanists' tiny violet find attracts international scientific interest

New book focuses on historic African American resort town 

What privacy? New book details surveillance in modern society

Student explores how young adult literature can help us understand adolescent development 

Sculptures spark discussion about how shelter shapes us

Finding fungus: Tim Ryan tests new method of detecting mold in buildings 

Ex-convicts rack up illegal income, study finds

Political scientists explore what Battlestar Galactica can teach us about international relations 

Ellen Hamrick raises awareness about the first genocide of the 20th century

The new short story: Dinty W. Moore cultivates flash nonfiction for the digital age

Journalism scholars weigh in on what's next in media

Psychology researchers examine how students with ADHD and other behavior disorders can succeed in school

How a secret garden can teach the community about sustainability

Cameras give voice to children undergoing medical treatments

Illustrator's "Fear Project" gives voice to what scares us

Software program can predict blood sugar crashes, spikes for patients with type 1 diabetes

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Stories from the Spring/Summer 2012 issue