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2009 News Stories 

Scientists receive $2.6 million grant to develop novel drug for cancer, autoimmune disease- Dec. 4, 2009

The Spin Cycle- Oct. 20, 2009
Research by Ohio University nanoscientists could lead to next generation of transistors

"Science cafés" demystify current issues in science, medicine and engineering- Sept. 24, 2009

Connecting the Cosmos- August 14, 2009
Can NASA use the internet in space? Ohio University researchers help design the interplanetary technology.

The Story of the Gun- July 20, 2009
Sociologist paints new portrait of American gun collectors

Student Enhancement Award funds 19 proposals- June 10, 2009

Technology Gap Fund offers four grants for engineering, medical innovations- June 10, 2009
New Ohio University program assists with research commercialization

OURC provides second cycle of grants for faculty research- June 8, 2009

Cold Case- May 21, 2009
Scientist Ido Braslavsky explores how anti-freeze proteins protect critters from the cold

Eye-tracking system can check language comprehension in patients with brain injury- May 18, 2009
New NIH grant will support commercialization of medical diagnostic tool

Straight from the horse's mouth- May 12, 2009
Chewing patterns hint at history of mammals

Cookin' in the Kitchen- May 11, 2009
Student's work aimed at reducing fat in fried chicken

Air-filled bones helped prehistoric reptiles take first flight- February 17, 2009
Study takes new look at skeletal system of pterosaurs and their modern relatives

Chemical chameleons- February 8, 2009
Color-changing molecules could be used for sunglasses, military applications

High-tech imaging of inner ear sheds light on hearing, behavior of oldest fossil bird- January 13, 2009

Scripps Survey Research Center offers research tool with nationwide reach- January 2009


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