UPDATE: Ohio University Athens Campus will reopen Friday, March 6 at 4 a.m.

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Administrative Associate Julie Stover 740-593-9902 142B Ping Center
Accounting Associate Lori Walter 740-593-9910 142C Ping Center
Asst. Director, Aquatic Center Joe Wakeley, III 740-593-0109 122 Aquatic Center
Head Coach, Division 1 Men's Ice Hockey Sean Hogan 740-593-0251 102 Bird Arena
Interim Asst. Director, Bird Ice Arena Joe Wakeley 740-593-4679 102 Bird Arena
Intermin Asst. Director, Club Sports Michael Potter 740-593-9906 140 Ping Center
Asst. Director, Fitness Joseph Schillero 740-593-9918 140N Ping Center
Asst. Director, Golf and Tennis Benjah Miller 740-593-9406 Golf & Tennis Center
Asst. Director, Intramural Sports Nicholas Brigati 740-593-9909 140F Ping Center
Asst. Director, Marketing & Communications Larrissa Keiser 740-593-9912 140M Ping Center
Asst. Director, Outdoor Pursuits Dan Vorisek 740-597-1485 122A Ping Center
Asst. Director, Ping Center Meagan Wain 740-593-9920 140E Ping Center
Coordinator, Ping Center Trevor Dunlap 740-593-9953 200 Ping Center
Asst. Director, Walter Fieldhouse Meagan Wain 740-593-9923 Walter Fieldhouse
Associate Director, Facilities Vacant 740-593-4665 102 Bird Arena
Associate Director, Marketing & Technology Rita LaValley 740-593-9908 140J Ping Center
Associate Director, Programs Wes Bonadio 740-593-9916 140 D Ping Center
Executive Director Mark Ferguson 740-593-9904 140 Ping Center

Graduate Assistants

Aquatic Center Ye "Solar" Hong 740-593-4671 125 Aquatic Center
Aquatic Center Cody Bauman 740-593-4671 125 Aquatic Center
Bird Arena Danny Mackerty 740-597-1440 102 Bird Arena
Club Sports Michael Potter 740-593-9927 140 Ping Center
Fitness Eli Caris 740-593-9905 1406 Ping Center
Fitness Jennifer Kuzmic 740-593-9905 140 Ping Center
Intramural Sports Patricia Suarez 740-597-1746 140A Ping Center
Intramural Sports Mitch Eastlick 740-597-1746 140A Ping Center
Learn to Skate Kyle Schussler 740-593-0251 102C Bird Arena
OU Hockey David Nies 740-593-0251 205 Bird Arena
Outdoor Pursuits David Roth 740-597-1484 122 Ping Center
Ping Center, Events George Camisa 740-593-9921 140 Ping Center
Ping Center, Operations John Delamater 740-593-9905 140 Ping Center
Ping Center, Personnel Matthew Garvin 740-593-9905 140 Ping Center