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The New Political, 4/22/14; Students raise a racket for disabilities

The Post, 4/8/14: Senate hears Ping updates, issues

The Post, 4/7/14: Moms Weekend charity events, craft expos and comedy shows entertain families

The Post, 3/18/14: Outdoor Pursuits visit Washington

OU Compass, 3/7/14: Student employees encourage self-confidence, leadership in others while building life, career skills

WOUB, 3/7/14: Sheridan's Coaching Rise Propels Ohio Hockey

The Post, 2/27/14: Making the house a home

The Post, 2/26/14: Take a tour of the Walter Fieldhouse

The Post, 2/13/14: Student Affairs comes together to play ball

The Post, 2/11/14: Costly miscalculations during the Walter Fieldhouse construction cause delay

Athens Ohio Today, 2/10/14: Sibs on Campus

The Post, 2/9/14: Siblings get a taste of OU during Sibs Weekend

The Post, 2/7/14: OU organizations to host events for Sibs

The Post, 1/23/14: Fieldhouse Completion Pushed Back

The Post, 1/17/14: So far, more visit Ping in new year

The Post, 1/14/14: Ping Gets Pumped

The Post, 12/6/13: Walter Fieldhouse construction nears an end as administrators search for a director and plan for its open

The Division of Student Affairs Newsletter, Nov. 2013: Wellness Committee Has Big Plans!

The Division of Student Affairs Newsletter, Nov. 2013:Outdoor Pursuits holds "OUTDOOR" programs in collaboration with Student Affairs Departments

The Post, 10/25/13:Hockey: Ohio to face disciplined Iowa Cyclones

The Post, 10/24/13: Gang Green

The Post, 10/21/13: Hockey: Bobcats extend winning streak to five games

The Post, 10/18/13: Hockey: Ohio hopes to take pair of games vs. first place Canisius

The Post, 10/17/13: Ohio Program of Intensive English tours Ping, plans events to get students involved

The Post, 10/14/13: Hockey: Ohio notches three wins in showcase

The Post, 9/30/13: Hockey: 7-1 victory shoes team strength


The Post, 9/30/13: OU searches for recreation director

The Post, 9/28/13: Hockey: Bobcats rout West Virginia Friday

The Post, 9/26/13: Hockey: 'Cats look to get season rolling vs. Mountaineers

The Post, 9/22/13: Hockey: Bobcats split two overtime games to start season

The Post, 9/17/13: Hockey: Four Possible players vying for goalie position


The Post (Video), 9/9/13:Hula Hoop Twins (Ping Center Group Fitness Hoop Dance Instructors)

The Post, 9/9/13: Ping Center receives equipment updates

Compass, 7/29/13: Incoming Bobcats making first college memories at BSO [PHOTO ESSAY]

The Post, 7/11/13: OU Upperclassmen share tips on avoiding the Freshman 15

Athens Messenger, 4/28/13: 300 athletes take part in spring Special Olympics

NIRSA News, 4/30/13: Collegiate Recreation Officials different sort of all-star

The Post, 4/25/13: Multipurpose Center plans come to fruition as construction dates loom

Scripps College of Communication, 4/11/13: (Glenn Janos, Intramural Sports Supervisor) OHIO's Scripps Innovation Challenge winners announced

The Post, 4/23/13: Ping Center to change reservation process

The Post, 4/9/13: Women's Club Volleyball: Physical, Financial dedication leads Bobcats to championship victory

Backdrop Magazine, Spring 2013:Climbing back home

Backdrop Magazine, Spring 2013: Cross It Off

The Post, 3/25/13:  Relay for Life succeeds despite last minute planning

The Post, 3/19/13: (O'Donnell is a Ping Center Personal Trainer and Fitness Assistant) Hearing-impaired students lose opportunities

Backdrop Magazine, 3/13/2013: Balancing the Budget: Gymnasts prepare for Nationals

The Post, 3/1/13: Hockey: Bobcats stay 'pumped' for upcoming ACHA championship contests

OHIO: Compass, 2/25/13: Hockey alumni and current players team up against cancer

The Post, 2/22/13: Defining Net Worth

The Post, 2/19/13: Hockey: Tournament savvy senior class spearheads championship effort

The Post, 2/18/13: Hockey: Ohio seizes championship title

The Post, 2/15/13: Hockey: CSCHL teams to compete in Athens tourney

The Athens News, 2/13/13: Students Suggest a better Ping

The Post, 2/13/13: Ping Center adds aromatherapy service for massage enhancement

The Post, 2/11/13: Ohio unfazed in back-to-back wins over Kent State

The Post, 2/11/13: Of total fee, 2nd highest share goes to Student Affairs

The Post, 2/11/13: Your General Fee

The Post, 2/11/13: Campuswide events draw in students, sibs

The Athens News, 2/10/13: Forum to give OU students a chance to provide their two cents about Ping rec center

The Post, 2/8/13: Sibs Bash, stargazing included in weekend itinerary

The Post, 2/8/13: The perfect touch

The Post, 2/8/13: Hockey: The Games against Kent to feature younger players

The Post, 2/6/13: Equestrian team hosts show despite high costs

The Post, 2/6/13: Hockey: Senior forward mentors reams

The Post, 2/5/13: Jumping Through Hoops

The Post, 2/5/13: Hockey: Skaters tactics can't match skill of D1 Lions

The Post, 2/4/13: Ping sportswear rules undergo several revisions

The Post, 2/4/13: Hockey: Ohio drops two to Nittany Lions, sets eyes on tourney

The Post, 2/1/13: Multipurpose center to draw more from the General Fee than publicized

The Post, 2/1/13: Hockey: Ohio to face rival PSU

The Post, 1/31/13: Hockey: Freshman stands out with power shot

The Post, 1/29/13: Hockey: Agnew skates in father's footsteps

The Post, 1/28/13: General Fee allocation to be redistributed

The Post, 1/28/13: Hockey: Ohio refuses Oakland a victory in either game this weekend

The Post, 1/24/13: Ping offers variety of programs to help students stay healthy

The Post, 1/15/13: Hockey: Distant destinations trouble traveling teams

The Post, 11/30/12: Hockey: Game against Minot State to be mentally, physically, arduous

The Post, 11/20/12: Hockey: Puck-smashing Bobcats try out new chocolate milk recovery regimen

The Post, 11/19/12: Hockey: Bobcats split series with Illinois for second time this season

The Post, 11/9/12: Plethora of activities around town available for students and their dads

The Post, 11/8/12: Despite extra strain on body, winter exercise better than in warmth

The Post, 11/6/12: Hockey: D2 team's distinctions include $1,600 fee

The Post, 11/4/12: Local yoga studio offers certification program

The Post, 11/1/12: Football: OU intramural sports director has history of college officiating

The Post, 10/26/12:  Hockey: Ohio's on- and off-ice chemistry contributes to success

The Post, 10/24/12: Enrollees in training program become fit to be Ping instructors

The Post, 9/27/12: Ping stand strong amidst healthy competition

The Post, 9/27/12: Post Modern: Beyond Disability

College Green Magazine, 9/25/12: Ping's Green Machines: The Science Behind Cardio Lookout